This interview with vocalist Rick Mythiasin of Steel Prophet was done through e-mail in April 2001.

Hello, how are you?
I'm fine. Just anticipating the new album.

Your new album "Book Of The Dead" will be out in April/May depending on where you live. Could you tell us a little about it? Will we see any changes from your previous works?
Book of the Dead is a complete contrast to Messiah. With Messiah we delivered fast catchy arrangements with positive spiritual lyrical content. Now with Book the contrast is slower tempos with Heavy Grooves and Riffs. Still keeping Melody in Mind with this time having a darker lyrical content.

Could you tell us about the lyrical content of the album? Is the title inspired by the ancient book from Egypt?
Book of the Dead is not a concept album. Contrary to what some may think. There are no characters that relate to any of the songs throughout the record. Instead it's just individual tales of the darkside of the human condition. The Artwork was inspired by the Egyptian Book of the Dead. The title is inspired by the Tibetan book. Steve and I have always found this stuff Intriguing.

How will you be promoting the new album? Is there a tour planned?
As far as tour plans go, we have nothing set at this time. We would like to hit the States this time around.

I know your band is soon 20 years old. Could you tell us a little about how it all started?
This could be quite a long story. I'll try to make it as short as possible. Basically it all started in Connecticut as Steve Kachinsky's vision in 1983. Eventually he relocated to Southern California with then Drummer John Taracio. He ran into Vince Dennis who was playing in punk bands and went through various singers until finding me in 89. I guess you could say the EP Inner Ascendance could be credited for kicking off our career. After many lineup changes it brings us to the present. If you want further detail on the History on the band. Check out our website in the Bio section.

Where do you see yourself in another 20 years time?
Hopefully in a better situation than I am now. Bigger budget, Better Tours and so on.

In the early days of the band Harry Blackwell was handling the drums for a while? Why did he leave and do you know what he has been doing since then?
He's been drumming in other bands in Connecticut, and actually did a show with Max Roach a few years ago.

Other former members of the band include Kevin Cafferty, Jon Pons, Pat Magrath, Pete Parada, Horacio Colmenares, John Tarascio, Gary Stocking, Scott Lindsenbardt and a couple of more. Do you know what any of your former members are doing today? Have they continued in other bands?
I could only tell you of a few of them. But here goes. Jon Pons only plays in cover bands these days. I think John Taracio lives in Oxnard, California now, I would hope he is still playing but I really don't know for sure. Kevin Cafferty is in a blues band, and holds down a steady job. Pete Parada plays in the band Face to Face and does various studio projects. Pat McGrath is still in his band Prototype and is also a hired gun for other projects. I'm not sure about the rest of the guys.

You have now produced seven full-length albums. Which one are you most satisfied with and why? Do you know which one has sold the best?
I'm Partial to Messiah. It's just a Heavy album and I'm proud of it. Book of the Dead is also very good. With each release having it's own individuality It's really hard to pick 1 favorite. They are like People. They each have their own identity.

Can you survive only by playing music or do you have other jobs as well?
I'm very fortunate to have my girlfriend who supports me. However I do have part time jobs here and there. Jim, Karl, and Vince all have jobs as well. Steve is quite mysterious. I don't know what he does.

What is the best thing about being a musician?
Speaking for myself I would say that its recording, touring and playing live. I like that I get the opportunity to express myself through music. It's like therapy for me.

Do any of the current band members have other projects of their own? What bands have you been in before Steel Prophet?
Jim has done Solo Instrumental type stuff. Vince plays with Various people doing different projects. Karl has a Black Metal band on the side. I have projects coming from all directions. Steve was supposed to do a project with a female vocalist. I'm not sure how that is turning out.

What do you think of the state of metal today? Which bands do you like?
If you wanna call some of the bands out there metal, people are fooling themselves. I try not to pay attention to any of the current trends. My favorite bands as of now are Agent Steel, Jacob's Dream, Nevermore, Jag Panzer, Destiny's End, New Eden and Dimmu Borgir to name a few.

Any final words for your fans?
Thanks for supporting us thus far. Pick up a copy of Book of the Dead. Get ready for another chapter in Steel Prophets musical adventure. See you on tour.

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