This interview with guitarist Tomas Nilsson and drummer Samuel Öjring of Suicidal Seduction was done electronically by Vincent Eldefors in April 2004.

Suicidal Seduction is a death metal band from Sweden that has existed in its present form since 2002. Last year they recorded a demo and quickly signed a deal with the American label Black Moon Records which was unfortunately put to rest before its first release. Their guitarist Tomas Nilsson and drummer Samuel Öjring were kind enough to answer our questions.

Hello, how are you doing?
Tomas: "Under the circumstances, fine"

Suicidal Seduction is a name that would scare most moms in Sweden, why did you choose this name for the band?
Samuel: "Yes we know it is a quite provocative name, but as with all of our lyrics we mean something with it."

Tomas: “The name reflects a kind of negative way of seeing our world. The world is so royally fucked so in some people’s eyes the best solution would be to commit suicide...”

Samuel: “And don’t forget, it sounds killer!”

You have existed with today's line-up since 2002 but I guess you began playing together earlier than that?
Tomas: “We existed as a studio project at first the year before, but we never finished our demo due to other bands.“

Samuel: “Since we were in our early teens we’ve played in a whole bunch of different bands, some more serious than others, and you could say Suicidal Seduction started out as one of the less serious, but as things turned out it developed into our main band.”

Tomas: “With the new line-up in 2002 it was a fact.”

You recorded a demo last year called "Endless Suffering", could you tell us a little about this recording? Who will enjoy it?
Tomas: “The recording contains 4 songs which we felt in that time were the songs that best represented the band. It sounds like melodic death metal with some thrash influences.”

Samuel: “I would say that the demo reaches out to all of those who dig fast, energetic metal but still with some great harmonies.”

Tomas: “Couldn’t agree more... The demo that we will record in 2004 will be more brutal and heavier – more hatred!”

Have you written a lot of new material since the demo? If so, what is it like compared to the old songs?
Tomas: “As said before, more hatred and attitude.”

Samuel: “Our present style is more aggressive but concrete, you really get that “fist in your face” feeling when listening to it!”

Tomas: “The riffs are more advanced and the arrangements better.”

The American label Black Moon Records picked you up very quickly but has now been put to rest, are you looking for a new label right now?
Samuel: “That whole story sure is a bit wretched, but there are no hard feelings, we have put it behind us.”

Tomas: “We’re back to square one now and will try to get a new deal with another label when we have recorded the stuff.”

Do you have a message when it comes to the lyrics? Who writes them and where do you find inspiration?
Samuel: “In the early stages of the band's existence Tomas N. wrote most of everything, music & lyrics, but today most of the members provide material and ideas.”

Tomas: “My lyrics describe my view of the world - history events and agonies of broken souls in a broken world. Each song has its own angle and perspective.”

I know that some of the band members have been working on other projects alongside Suicidal Seduction, could you tell us a little about them?
Tomas: “Samuel and I have recently released a demo on a Swedish label with our crustcore band – Aktiv Dödshjälp ("Euthanasia"); for more info (, and last year we released a rock album on another native label with our Lucidor. Tomas L. plays drums in a heavy metal band called Backwardness. Daniel and Tomas L. also have a death metal project together.”

Do you remember what the first record you ever bought was? What made you buy it?
Samuel: “I was eight years old and got my hands on the soundtrack for the underestimated movie "Last Action Hero"! There is some really killer music on it, bands like AC/DC, Megadeth, Aerosmith and Anthrax. I was totally sold.”

Tomas: “Appetite for destruction" with Guns n’ Roses. I had heard Guns at some of my friends; I really had to have a record with them! I still rank it as one of the best records ever.”

What made you want to become a musician yourself? Did your family like your decision?
Tomas: “I can’t remember why I became a musician, I guess that I had a need for expressing myself. If I hadn’t started doing it with music I would have done it with some other art. My family has always supported me.”

Samuel: “As long as I can remember I’ve always had a voice in my head telling me to be a drummer. I don’t have any musicians at all in my family so it is a bit strange, but to play on the big scenes has always been the greatest of dreams.”

Where do you find musical inspiration? What kind of music do you listen to yourself?
Samuel: “I enjoy listening to all kinds of music, I have no boundaries, but bands like Iron Maiden, Guns N’ Roses and Slayer will always be a big inspiration for me.”

Tomas: “I listen to 80% metal, the rest 20% is punk, classical music, folk music etc. My main influences, when I'm writing material for Suicidal, are At the Gates, Dismember, Slayer and The Haunted.”

What was the last album you bought? Was it any good?
Tomas: “Dismember – Indecent & Obscene Pieces. I like the newer stuff with them more but I really had to have the song Dreaming in Red.”

Samuel: “Queens of the stone age – Songs for the deaf, really cool!”

Finspång is a very small place but you have had some well-known bands there like Dan Swanö and all his projects and now fellow deathsters Facebreaker, is there a lot of musical activity going on still?
Tomas: “Yes, in Finspång you can choose two paths – the sporty one or the hard one.”

What is the purpose of human life on Earth?
Tomas: “I can’t really find a higher purpose or reason for life at all, so I guess have fun to make the time fly away? I don’t believe in gods or anything spiritual like that...”

Samuel: “There is so much we don’t have a clue about, we have not discovered half of everything yet. I think there is no meaning with speculating about gods and purpose and stuff, it’s more sensible to live in the present and do the best of it.”

What plans and goals do you have for Suicidal Seduction in the near future?
Tomas: “Our main goal, for the moment, is to record our new demo and sign a new contract with a label that can promote us quite well.”

And that takes us right to the very end of this interview. I would like to thank you for taking the time to answer all these questions and also wish you good luck in the future! Do you have any final words for our readers?
Tomas: “Check out our website for news about us regarding gigs, recordings and stuff like that.”

Samuel: “Come and see us on stage, that’s where we like it the most!”

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