This interview with the guitarist Peter Haglund of Suicidal Winds, was done by Bruno Zamora some time in the spring or summer of 2003.

Suicidal Winds became reality in August of 1992 when a band called Kristos Mortis split up in Uddevalla on the west coast of Sweden. Former Kristos Mortis members Mathias and Peter continued playing together and eventually Suicidal Winds became more serious. They have now signed a three album deal with Germany's cult underground label No Colours Records. Guitarist and founding member Peter Haglund took some time to answer these questions from our journalist Bruno Zamora.

"Winds Of Death" was recorded in a 16-channel, but how far really is your expectation for this material? I mean, at first, do you care to record it outside Uddevalla? Somewhere like in Peter T's studio or something? How much did you spend as a budget to finish the entire material including the mastering? Where is it remastered and who did the job? Are you satisfied of his works? Will there be any upcoming Suicidal Winds material? Will you be using the same studio?
If we had the possiblity we maybe would have recorded it in Abyss studio for example, but honestly I donīt think we need such a good studio. I donīt think our music fits to a professional sound. Itīs always easier to record it here in Uddevalla since we all live here. Our expectations were pretty high, and I think the final result was OK, but could have been a lot better. Our budget was around 12.000SEK(incl.mastering) (ca. 1,150$). It was Robert who did the mastering, and Iīm not very satisfied with the mastering. Next time we will do it in a more professional place, called Digitalfabriken, located in Gothenburg. Yes, we are recording a new album right now, and itīs recorded in the same place as last time. The album will be called "Victims in Blood" and will have a better sound for sure, and I also hope people will think itīs better. I guess it will be released this autumn.

Robert Bengston, as I've heard, the one producing "Winds". How did you get in contact with him? A long time friend? Ever had a show together with Grief Of Emerald? How is he to be worked with? Is he imposing his ideas as suggestions to improve Suicidal Winds musical direction or rather he leaves you in your own decision? Are you be able to listen on a producer's suggestion if in case?
Well, we knew him since long ago. We have shared the same rehearsal-place as Grief of Emerald, and we are good drinking-friends, so we know each other very well. He have a studio, and he have produced both Grief of Emerald-albums, so we asked if he were interested in recording our album, and he was. He is very good working with, he comes with good ideas, and is very easy to work with. Of course we are able to listen to a producerīs suggestions, as long as they are good.

I've noticed that most of the songs from "Winds Of Death" are taken from the previous demos. Will you be using some of the old songs to appear on the 2nd Suicidal Winds CD? How did you get in a deal of 3 albums with No Colours? Is it that No Colours are loaded with NS bands? What can you say about the NS bands of No Colours which is implementing Racism in their CD booklet? Are you interested in National Socialism? Being a Scandinavian Men, are the members of Suicidal Winds racists? What can you say about the new trend of Racism now being use with Metal?
6 songs from "Winds of Death" are from old demos, and 5 songs were new ones. For our new album we will only use new songs, which make the songs better, and more well-structured. We came in contact with No Colours when he wrote me and asked for a copy of our "Definitely War" demo. I send him the demo, and he liked what he heard. So he offered us a deal, and as he wanted it to be released also on vinyl, we accepted. It wasnīt because NC have NS-bands. The only bands I listen to on No Colours are Graveland and Hellfire, which I think are good bands. I donīt care so much what they have in their CD-booklet, itīs up to them. Iīm interested in Second World War, and therefore itīs interesting to read about the Naziīs. But Iīm not very well-informed about National Socialism actually. I have to claim that Suicidal Winds is definitely not a political band, and about racism we have all different opinions. In Sweden we have extremely much immigrants these days, so the racism grows since many of them behave like assholes. Itīs not strange that people become racists because there are so much problems with especially Muslims. I havenīt seen so much about this racism-trend in Metal you are talking about, so I donīt have any good opinion about it.

You've mentioned as a fave band was MASTER's HAMMER. If you can be able to make a part on that MH Tribute Compilation, what song will you be doing and why? Do you think Tribute albums is another way to make money in the Underground these days? Bands doing tribute songs are not even for the spirit of the band but for fame and money. What is your opinion about this matter?
I think we would have done Jama Pekel, because itīs a great song, and we have played this track live. Masterīs Hammer is really a great cult-band. I donīt really know if you can make much money on these tribute albums, but I think itīs a bit boring with all these tributes. Especially when the bands on them try to sound exactly like the original, they should do their own versions. I think itīs horrible if bands that not are huge fans of the bands they cover are doing tribute songs. It should be bands that really love the bands they cover.

Aside from the band, any of you guys have permanent full time jobs? Is it hard or it is not to work in Sweden when you have long hair and a beard? How do you find school, or schools in Sweden in general? Do you find learning English as a big foundation for you to communicate better in the international underground scene? What can you say about people who are sending you letters that talks in absolutely SHIT ENGLISH?
Yes, I have a full time-job. Martin is studying, Andreas is working now and then, Mathias is living on the Social service. Itīs always easier to find a job when you have short hair, but it has become easier to find a job, because the unemployment has decreased drastically. The school here in Sweden is very good, so itīs no problem finding a suitable school. The government invest a lot on education. Itīs of course an advantage if you can English well. Itīs a bit annoying if people talk very bad English, and you have problems understanding it, but I appreciate everyone supporting Suicidal Winds even if they talk Shit English.

How many cases of beer can you drink all night? How curious are you to taste several beers from different Nations all around the world? What is your favorite beer? Do you find Budweiser a cliché on Metal bands' photos? How LOOOOOUUUUUUDDDD are you when drunk? Do you smash a chair on the bartender's head or do you kick a TV screen for good? Will you say that getting drunk is a perfect mood to write a song? What is the perfect place to write a song for you : a cemetery or at the rehearsal room?
Usually I drink 10-15 beers before I go to the pub, and there I drink a few ones too. You see, in Sweden people drink until they get very drunk, and do stupid things. Itīs always interesting to taste different beers from different countries. My favourite beer is the Swedish beer Pripps blå. A little bit cliche is Budweiser on band photos. Sometimes I could be very loud and violent, but mostly I get so drunk that I fall asleep. Itīs always great to destroy everything you see. HaHa!!! Write a song when Iīm drunk, only if I have taken 4-5 beers it could be very good to write a song. You are then very creative. I havenīt tried to write a song at a cemetery, but I think this would be the perfect place.

How many mails are you receiving each day? Are they supportive enough even on the day when you were just starting as a band? Do you think you can say that you are coming to be fulfilled, now that you've signed a multiple album deal? Now that there's a CD/LP out with your band, what is your main goal and what do you really want to achieve? What can you say about those bands who are as humble on the first CD but turning now to be arrogant koz there's about 4 CDs they've done? Would you call this as a Rockstar fantasy of them coming true?
Itīs very different, sometimes I get 10 mails, sometimes I get 2. It also depends on how lazy Iīm on answering the mails. They are supportive enough I think. No, I donīt think we ever will be fulfilled, you always get higher demands. Our main-goals with the band is to get a better record deal, doing a cool fucking tour, release a killer-album, etc etc. I donīt think any of these bands could call themselves rockstars, then they should play like Aerosmith or Rolling Stones. But pretend to be rockstars just because they have released 4 CDīs is pathetic!!!!

In some sense, would you mind to give definition on the music style you play? I've read an early interview that you call it DEATH METAL, where people can evidently hear more the Black Metal influence in your music. Can you please try to explain us your side regarding this matter?
I think we play a mixture of Black/Thrash/Death Metal. People can call it Black or Death Metal it doesnīt matter, as long as they donīt compare us with melodic shit like Dimmu Borgir, In Flames or Cradle of Filth. Our intention is to play brutal, aggressive and raw, and people in general think we are a very raw band, Iīm satisfied with such opinions.

Is that split vinyl with Bestial Mockery intentional? I mean, why do you call it as 'Nuclear Goat"? Any specific meaning that you can give to us? How well is your relationship with this band? Personal friends? Aside from doing splits, any other Suicidal Winds material have appeared : compilation tapes, comp CDs, and either, split with other bands? Can you please try to give us names of these projects so that the readers may be having their interest to check you out?
Itīs Bestial Mockeryīs side which is called "Nuclear Goat", and I have no idea why. A song from them is called that. Our side is called "Joyful Dying", which is a song on the 7". Our relationship with Bestial Mockery is very good. They are good friends to us, we are drinking alcohol together on weekends and festivals. We have been on 4 comp-CDīs, and a few comp.tapes, also on a live-tape. The comp.CDīs are the following; "From The Underground..." (X-treme Records), "Sometimes Death is Better" (Shiver Records), "No Colours Compilation Vol.II" (No Colours Records), "Ablaze Magazine Compilation CD".

You've played live with SVARTSYN. How is the 1st gig relate to you since they say that the FIRST will always be the memorable one? How are the guys from Svartsyn personally? What kind of show awaits the audiences of Suicidal Winds? Will there be maggots to be thrown down the crowd or some broken beer bottles to be shove in any Metal chics coming to your shows or some shotgun bullets to be fired on all of the homosexual hardcores in the club? In what venue are you interested to play : a small drinking club full of crazy metalheads or at the Dynamo Open Air with thousands of posers coming by?
Our first gig is very memorable, itīs definiely one of those you remember very well. The guys from Svartsyn is cool. I know best Kolgrim, that is also playing in Unpure. He is a very cool dude. The audience of Suicidal Winds should expect a loud, aggressive, raw fucking headbanging show of violence. There will be beer thrown all over the audience and our groupies showing their tits. A dream would be that someone commited suicide during a show with us. We are interested to play both at Dynamo Open Air, and a small fucking place with plenty of underground maniacs. It would be good to play in front of those posers at Dynamo, so they could listen to real music for once in their lives!!!!!!! Thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!

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