This interview with the Romanian death metal band Taine was done by Cseke Róbert in November 2003.

First of all I'd like to thank you guys for doing this interview, and I hope I'm not asking stuff that were asked a million times before but if those kind of questions come up, they are probably necessary for others to know you better (I won't put in too many) . Let's get to the questions then.

How long has Taine been playing with the actual line up? Were there many changes in the band: people coming and going, styles changing etc. since you first formed?
We started in 1993, almost the same crew, only Bogdan (the bass) joined us in 1996. So the band is Andy-vocals, guitars, Bogdan -bass, vocals, Stefan-Guitars, Ady-drums. We never fake our identity by changing the style, we like to believe that we are veterans in” Metal “in Romania and this means we never made compromises.

Are you happy with the bands current status or are there things you would definitely like to change in either your attitude towards music or the quality of your live performances, or even the response you're getting from media, fans and metal listeners in general?
It depends of what we wish; I think everybody wants to be famous. For sure we will try to improve our shows ,our sound, all these in our ways. Never say: “o.k. it is enough.! “ Also, we want more concerts abroad, because this is the only way to evaluate your work, how far you are…just like in football.

Taine attended many rock festivals as I've heard, winning many prizes and getting the attention and admiration of many people. In this period of time were there any festivals, shows you didn't enjoy as much as you initially hoped?
Difficult to say…there are a few. It’s better not to cause inconvenience to anybody. But I can tell the shows we really enjoyed. In France last year, at S.R.O.A in Bucharest ,in Germany-Dittigheim this year, and along the time at Buzau TOP T, Maximum Rock Fest, Metal Heart.

What musicians had the most powerful effect on the way Taine is playing? (What I meant to ask was: who are your idols? :) )
First let me tell you what kind of music we like to listen. Cynic is one of my favourite bands ever. Also Atheist, Nevermore, Death, Testament, Dream Theatre, Slipknot (I like their shows), Kreator, Arch Enemy, Dew Scented, Soilwork, Meshuggah (they are crazy) Massive Attack, In Flames, W.A.Motzart , J.S.Bach, Depeche Mode, Pink Floyd, Y.J.Malmsteen, and much, more musicians, bands from underground music. So we don’t have any idols. Our idol is “the music”.

For our non-Romanian readers: what does 'Taine' mean? And why did you choose this name? Does it represent the sound Taine is all about?
TAINE means mystery or, maybe better, miracles. In orthodox religion TAINE are that “10 holly miracles”. For me most important is baptize (our spiritual reborn), penance (our repent) and ministry (our music). For sure this name is like a mirror for our feelings, I choose this name 10 years ago, inspired by Holly Bible, and of what this name means in usual language.

Why techno-death?
We like complicated riffs ,measures and musically and aggressive sound as well. So try to combine these and you will find TAINE’s music. We keep this sound as a believe, and we will never make compromises. Many people say that our songs are too complicated and boring, but they don’t understand what we want to transmit through music and lyrics. It is somehow a philosophy.

Although you have several CD-s recorded, your only official album is 'Cealalta Parte' (The Other Side). How did the Romanian crowd respond to this project? Are you planning anything new in the near future?
We have only 2 demo tapes before CEALALTA PARTE. In Romania is hard to sell this kind of music. But we have our fans, they enjoy every time we perform, they respect us and we respect them as well. That’s why we are going to improve our sound and our compositions. Also we have many listeners and contacts outside Romania. Even in Mexico ,Bolivia, Malaysia…J)) Our plans for future are to finish our album. After this we will try to find a powerful label abroad and promoting our next album. We hope to concert across the border next year…crazy isn’t it?

I noticed that your lyrics are sometimes in English and sometimes in Romanian. In which language you prefer singing? Are there different things created for Romanian listeners and for listeners from abroad? Who writes the lyrics?
I’ m responsible for lyrics. Sometimes Romanian is better than English. It helps you to go directly in the heart and mind of the listener through his feelings. English is a common language but just that. I have a Greek fan infatuated about “CE ESTI TU? He said is the best song he ever listen. I'm sure he doesn’t know Romanian language, strange isn’t it?

Who produces your music?
For Cealalta Parte and for the next materials, I’ m in cause. Also PromusicRec Cluj- and Nelu Brandusean help me to reach out our official album.

What are the bands plans for the future? Any major shows in Europe, or even smaller gigs?
For the next year, we will try to connect some shows in Europe. This is possible. We send many materials with us trying to promote us in major festivals around Europe. We will see.

How can people get their hands on your stuff? I'm sure many would be interested in acquiring your album - It's definitely worth listening to...
There are many ways. First, we have a web page at www.taine.ro Also you can visit www.promusicrec.ro or www.mp3.com/taine. There are many email and address contacts.

And my final question: is there anything else you would rather be doing?

That would be it, I think. Thanks again for taking the time to answer my questions and I certainly hope to hear more of Taine in future. Lots of luck, 'cause there's not much more you would need to make it. The music sounds great, and the performances are great. As I said before: Can't wait for some more.

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