This interview with the drummer Petri from the Swedish old-school black / thrash metal band Terrorama was done through the internet January 7th, 2004 by Vincent Eldefors.

Terrorama was born as an old-school black / thrash metal band in the year 2000 in the city of Norrköping, Sweden. After having established a solid line-up they recorded their first demo "Misanthropic Genious" in the year 2002. This demo has attracted a lot of interest in the worldwide underground and some labels have also expressed their interest in the band. Their drummer Petri took some time to answer our questions.

Hello, how are you doing?
I´m okay, a bit tired after a hard day's work, was just watching the movie "The Hulk". A crappy piece of work actually.

Couldn't agree more, what favorite movies do you have otherwise?
Well, it´s mostly the classic old Zombie and splatter movies like "Dawn of the dead", "Night of the living dead" and "Cannibal ferox". Also, I very much enjoyed the "Lord of the ring" trilogy too. But horror movies in common is always a winning concept.

Back to music now. Your demo "Misanthropic Genious" from 2002 has caused quite some stir in the underground and is sold out since last September, are you still fully satisfied with that recording?
Absolutely, we have received a lot of great response from all over the world actually. All the way from Chile to Thailand.I think we managed to get a really "raw" sound that I think is very important to this kind of music.

It must feel kind of strange having fans in countries like Chile and Thailand at this stage, do you listen to any bands from those countries yourself?
The underground scene is amazingly big in these countries as it is in the eastern block and Germany. I listen to a number of bands from these "odd" countries like VULCANO and SARCOFAGO from Brazil, METALUCIFER from Japan, KAT from Poland, ARIA from Russia and VOMITOR from Australia.

You have received some offers from a couple of underground labels but now it looks as if a release through the American Nuclear War Now! Productions is the most likely, can you tell us a little about this?
Ok here´s how it is... We had been in touch with a guy in Australia who has a label called called Apocalyptor Records. He was very excited about the demo and wanted to hear more stuff, so we sent him 5 new songs and a new version of one of the songs from the demo. He sent us a mail and told it sounded really good and would get in touch with us a day later and dicsuss a record deal. This was like three months ago and we have heard nothing from the Fucker since then and that made me and the rest of the band really pissed off. So we sent out the new recording to some other people and two guys, one in White Russia and one guy in Chile asked if they could release it on cassette. We thought, what the hell, let´s do it, so i´ts gonna come out in 1000 ex. from chile and 500 from Russia. Meantime we are discussing a release for all full length vinyl and CD with Nuclear War Now! for the same recording (+ one more song) as mentioned... so it looks like that release will strike planet Earth later this year.

You have been in the studio once more since the demo to record these new songs. Did you work with Devo Andersson (ex-Marduk, Sargatanas Reign) in the Endarker Studio this time as well? How did the recordings go?
Yes, the new 6 songs I mentioned earlier were also recorded in Studio Endarker with Devo. I think he is great to work with because he knows what kind of sound we are looking for and also listens to some of the bands we are influenced by. The recording and mixing was done in a weekend and no problems that are worth to mention occurred during this time. It went really well and we had a good time.

You have also done a cover version of "Black Plague" from the old Bay Area thrash band Holy Terror, are you big fans of this band or why did you decide on that song?
Actually I had never heard the band before Peter came up with the idea to record the song but after having listened to the record I thought it was a really great song. Of course we could have done a cover of Sodom, Kreator, Celtic Frost or whatever but I dont think that would have been interesting neither for us nor to other people due to the fact that it has already been done by so many bands. And how fun is it to hear another crappy version of "Tormentor" - HAHA! So I think we made a really good choice for a cover pick. We have also performed Bathory´s "Born for burning" live.

Speaking about the label situation, your bassist / vocalist Peter runs his own label I Hate Records and has released material from bands like Sargatanas Reign, Protector and Nifelheim. Have you never thought about releasing Terrorama material on your own?
Of course we have been thinking about that but we don´t think that would be such a good idea, at least not with the first release, making people think "oh, are they so crappy that they can´t get a record deal from someone else". I think and know we have what it takes to get a deal from another, perhaps a bigger, label. And we HAVE received a lot of great response from a couple of labels that are interested in working with us in the future.

As far as I know you have only played two local shows so far with the band, could you tell us a little about them? What can the audience expect from a Terrorama show?
The first gig we did at a local metal club was a real piece of destruction and chaos. Nearly 200 people had shown up to the battle. There was a moshpit of maybe 40 people banging their heads in front of and, from time to time, even on the stage - haha! (one guy even got up and bit our guitarrist´s nose during the set!!). The sound was poor as hell but I think most of audience were too drunk to notice that. The other show we played at this biker club with a death metal band called Facebreaker and it went okay (although I was plagued by 40 degrees of fever).

Were you part of the original Terrorama line-up back in the year 2000 or did you enter the band at a later stage?
I was there from the beginning.

In your school days you used to play in a band together with Blackwinged and Belfagor from Nefandus, was this your first band experience? What kind of music did you play back then?
Haha, yes that is true, we formed a band and tried our best to play anything at all! At that point we all listened to 80s heavy metal (I still do) and the death metal bands that were rising. I think we wanted to sound like Venom or early Morbid Angel or even Judas Priest. I don´t think we really managed to do that but at least we did scare some people off with our cacophony!

For how long did you play with them? Were you in any other bands then before joining Terrorama?
I played with the guys for maybe 3 years. After I left the band I tried to form a new band a couple of times but nothing never really happened. Actually, before we started off with Terrorama I hadn´t played drums for 9 years!

What made you decide to pick up the sticks again and join Terrorama?
I got in touch with Peter whilst having a drinking session at the local bar and we realized we had a similar taste in music. He mentioned that he was looking for people to start up a band with. Of course, drunk as I was, I mentioned that I might be interested in some skin beating. I thought it was just a bunch of drunk talking where you start up like 4 new bands every time you are out and being shitfaced. Then, later I met up with him and he told me he had a rehearsal place and wanted me to come try out on drums. So, I said okay..., and here we are!

Why and when did you decide to start playing music yourself? What bands and musicians inspired you in the early days?
It was when I was 13 or 14 years old (not really sure) and because I listened to metal every day I thougt why not play it too. It was as simple as that. At that time I was inspired by the early black metal bands like Darkthrone, Mayhem, Burzum and also the ancient Celtic Frost and Hellhammer, because of the extreme in both music and appearance and as well in the satanic philosophy which they all represented.

You have recently formed a brand new band just for fun together with among others former Solar Dawn and current Chaos Legion drummer Marcus Engström, can you tell us something about this project?
Well, we have not had any time to rehearse yet but the idea is to just get in the rehearsal room, drink some beer and play some cover songs. Just for the fun of it. Nothing really serious.

Norrköping and Östergötland in general have quite many signed metal bands these days, what do you think about the local metal scene? Are there any bands in particular that you like?
There are only a couple that are worth to mention. Like Sargatans Reign, Last Temptation, Blazing Guns and the warbrothers in Misericordia. And then of course we have the "superstars" in Marduk. But that´s pretty much it. There is a numerous amount of crappy shitbands here who don´t deserve my attention and who I have no desire to waste my time on.

What do you listen to yourself? Do you still have the same favorite bands today as you did when you began playing?
I still very much listen to the good old bands like Maiden, Running Wild, Judas Priest, Kreator, Bathory, King Diamond and Destruction just by mentioning a couple. I think that the best records in the world have already been made, not saying there aren´t any good new bands. I also get a kick from Sentenced, Impaled Nazarene, Desaster, Dissection, Immortal and especially one band has affected me very much lately and that is Carpathian Forest, I think they are really standing out from the rest of the so called "black metal" of today which I think is more goth than black. To sum it all, I listen to a lot of different kinds of metal.

What will 2004 bring for Terrorama? Do you have any specific plans and goals for the new year?
The main goal now is to get out some kind of a release this year and to play live as much as possible. We have discussed an eventual gig with Nifelheim but there are a couple of line up problems that have to be solved out before the assault can take place.

Any final words for our readers?
Keep looking out for Terrorama this year! We are about to unleash hell and fire upon you!

Thanks a lot for this interview and good luck in the future!
Thank you Vincent! Hope to see you soon for a night of serious drinking and metal!

Bang or be banged!

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