This e-mail interview with Chris Balch of the Canadian extreme metal band Time Of Death was done by Sherrie Zemla in November 2004.

Who is Time of Death? How/when did T.O.D. form?
Tod has been a project of mine for about 7 years or so. Though, I didn't make many attempts at getting my music out there until the completion of The Last Breath of the Dying in August of 2001. I've always written music for myself. I find it to be therapeutic, in a way, and brings me an addictive sense of comfort. Trying to express the noise in my head in the form of music and sound is challenging for me, and the rewards are endless. It's a very personal thing. But, with all that being said, I very much enjoy and appreciate hearing people's opinions about the music, whether they're positive or negative. So far the response has been good, which has motivated me to share it with others. As time has passed, the music has evolved and will, hopefully, continue to evolve until the end.

How would you describe your sound to those who've never heard Time of Death?
Some may consider it to be brutal, extreme, dismal, peaceful at times, etc.. I try to combine brutality with tranquility, as well as sombre melody with dissonance. The songs tend to vary, somewhat, in their sound. I guess it depends on the listener. I experiment with a few things; such as challenging myself with different song structures, dissonant melodies, noise, etc.. Overall I'd say the music has a brutal death metal feel to it, with a "twist". I enjoy peppering the brutality with acoustic guitars and occasional melancholic keyboard passage. I find that the brutality itself tends to be slightly melodic, usually with a depressing feeling to it. The addition of a human drummer has give the music an added quality that was lacking in the past.

What do you hope to accomplish? (musically, lyrically, overall)
Overall I'd like to, one day, have the ability to fully express my mental noise into music...which will most likely never happen. It's a never-ending journey through one's own cranial dwelling. But, the challenge and experience in trying is the funnest part. Musically, I hope to continue writing the kind of music that I enjoy listening to. As my tastes change and evolve, so will the music. And, I hope my interest in this musical endeavour strengthens as each year passes, just as it has in the past. I'll always write music, regardless of whether it's readily available to others or not. There is no "message" behind Tod, other than to just "let yourself go" and allow the music to run through your body and into your soul. I try to express everything into the music since that is what gives me the most feeling. Rarely am I ever content with the lyrics that I write as I lack various intellectual abilities. I hope to improve in that area. The music is intended to express various moods, personal feelings and emotions, and I feel more comfortable expressing those things as shades of sound as opposed to words.

What/who are some of your major musical influences and inspiration?
I am heavily influenced by things like nature, silence, noise, solitude, the various feelings and emotions experienced by humanity, and existence in general. Everything that we experience while we exist in this mysterious organic puzzle continues to inspire my creativity towards Tod. The beauty and brutality of nature is a perfect example of what I'm trying to accomplish in the form of music. Various riffs in the newer music of Gorguts have been very influential for me. I enjoy their use of melody-dissonance-brutality. The bleak and noisy extremes found in the music of Akira Yamaoka in the Silent Hill series have inspired me as well. Those games, in combination with the music, take me to a similar place as my music does.

How can anyone interested get a hold of a copy of your demo or CD?
Anyone interested can e-mail their address to thelastbreathofthedying@yahoo.com and 3 CD-R's that contain all of Tod's recorded material will be sent to them. A full-length of The Last Breath of the Dying will be released by Bloodbucket Productions within a couple of months. Forever Trapped in a Broken Mirror will be released in 2005 on Bloodbucket as well. Those CDs can be purchased from the label or from myself. Thank you very much for the interview and for supporting Tod! I really appreciate it.

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