This e-mail interview with the vocalist Tomas Lindberg of The Great Deceiver was done by Chris Rohde in late March 2004.

Unlike regular metalcore bands, Sweden's The Great Deceiver has managed to create a unique mix of chaotic hardcore and melancholic melodic death metal which has never been seen before. Featuring former At The Gates vocalist Tomas Lindberg this is a band who will surely continue to amaze music lovers worldwide. Tomas took some time off to discuss the band's second album among other things. The photos are courtesy of Patric Ullaeus. Please do not use them without permission. [The Editor]

What a great pleasure it is for me to get the chance to ask you some questions Tomas. I've been a fan of you and your different projects for quite some time. First off I want to thank you for shredding out your voice for so many great bands.

With the release of "Terra Incognito" what can people expect this time around from The Great Deceiver?? Has the band's sound changed??
Well, I can say that this bands sole mission is to develop continously the sound, of course this time we had the great advantage to work with the incredible producer Daniel Bergstrand, and he helped us to go for all the "impossible" goals that we had set up for this album. This album is the natural offspring to a venom well-designed. Itīs the same band you could hear on that record, just more of everything that you have come to know as the great deceiver, itīs more melodic, it has more crunch and groove, itīs more abstract but at same time more direct, itīs more dynamic and darker...

I have read different opinions describing The Great Deceiver, and I noticed someone say that there's an influence from The Velvet Underground. Now from what I've heard, I don't really notice it, but I do think that you guys are original, and stand out from what people expect from hardcore music. . . Just like The Velvet Underground did in Rock music. The Great Deceiver is paving new ground, and will be the influence of new breeds of bands for time to come. What do you think of this, and what bands have influenced The Great Deceiver as a band??
I think the connection with the velvet underground comes from exactly like you are saying, the will to break the rules of the current state of rock create an honest sonic assault, previously unheard of. For me velvet was one of musicīs finest moments ever, and they have left a big mark on how i approach songwriting these days, other obvious influences would be anything from killing joke to godflesh and entombed... Everything that we love and listen to creeps into the sound of this band, but the important factor is that the great deceiver sound is still 100% the great deceiver....

What is the touring schedule like for the release of "Terra Incognito"?? Are there any plans to visit North America??
We are hoping to support this album more aggressive through touring all over the place, we are currently looking at some different offers, and of course north america is included this time around, the audience on the other side of the atlantic were the first to embrace the band and we wonīt forget this, we are coming over for sure!

Now, since you are in so many different bands these days, which ones are you focused on, and which bands are your side projects??
Right now, Iīm only an active member of two bands, namely the great deceiver and disfear, iīve laid alot of my projects to rest, and these two bands will get my full attention...of course there will be at least one more lock-up record, but this is gonna take place when the great deceiver takes a break (god knows when that will be)...

Do you think that you are involved in too many bands?? Might you get worn out, and will people start to get tired of hearing you sing for all these different bands?? I mean no disrespect with this question.
See previous answer....I had already thought of that, so to speak...I donīt want to be spread to thin...

Shifting bands now, I'm going to ask a few questions about some of your other projects.

Are there any plans to release another Lock Up LP?? If so, will the band stay the same as on Hate Breeds Suffering (which totally killed!!)?? I know that Jesse Pintado is taking time off from Napalm Death, does this set Lock Up back, or is there any consideration for a new guitarist??
Lock up has already written new songs, we have a new guitarist in Anton from Criminal/Pentagram and are ready and willing and are just waiting for a break in our full time bandsīschedules....

What do you think about The Crown re-recording "Crowned in Terror" with Johan Lindstrand??. I know he's the original singer for The Crown, but I personally think they shouldn't do this. It seems like a money grab, and that your legacy with the band, no matter how short it was, it should stand. What are your views on this??
I donīt really have any comments on this, I think they drove the last nail in their own coffin with that idea so to speak. I go by the rule, if you donīt have anything good to say about someone, then shut I shut up...

Okay, here's another thought of mine, but after listening to your vocals from At the Gates, to Grotesque, to Skit System, to The Great Deceiver, to even Lock Up, your hellish vocals are unmatched within the different genres in which you sing. It seems that Satan himself speaks through you. Any comment??
Hmmmm, well i donīt know, I MIGHT HAVE BEEN TOYING AROUND A BIT TOO MUCH WITH THE OCCULT AS A KID...HEHEHE No, seriously, this is a greta compliment, and I DO feel possessed by something when on stage or in the studio, but I think itīs just pure honest aggression mixed with some adrenalin o.d. (not the band)

Now something that I'd love to hear is you recording some guest vocals along with Napalm Death. Is there any possibility for that?? I mean you backing up the monstrous voice of Barney Greenway would be so fucking heavy!!
Well, this would sure be alot of fun....i actually have filled in for him once at a swedish festival when he was home sick... but for a studio recording, that would be great, but you would of course have to introduce the idea to napalm...first

Finally I'm going to give you five or so names, could you respond back with whatever comes to mind.
Peter Dolving: Fantastic singer, one of the most talented and dedicated people I know, a great man with a great heart!

Napalm Death: Good , fun-loving friends, great band!

The Bjorler twins: The best songwriting couple in metal today, maybe...

Slayer or Metallica: Slayer, no more comments...

Tomas Lindberg: enthusiastic, happy, father, 100%, dedicated, a good friend

Canada: Thrift stores in toronto, cold, european, beautiful, hockey, stuck in customs

Thank you so much for your time Tomas. I look forward to many more releases from you and the bands that you're involved with. Cheers.

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