This face to face interview with Norg of the Norwegian black metal band Tsjuder was done by Everburning on January 28th, 2005.

I had the opportunity to speak to Norg from Tsjuder before their gig in Belgrade on 28th of January. The band exists since 1993 and its name stands for a Viking tribe that lived in the far north of today's Russia near Scandinavia and was famed for its brutality and bloodthirst. They have a new album called ĎDesert Northern Hellí out since November 2004 on Season of Mist, so if you are into some blasting raw Black Metal you should check it out. Go!

This tour is lasting some time already, so what are your experiences from it, was it ok and what do you look forward?
Tour is been pretty good, mostly thereís been lots of people. Itís cool to be on tour with CF because we played with them before and we know them so itís like going on tour with friends. E Force is also very good band, really cool guys. Everything is cool.

Your new album is out since November, can you tell us few things about it for those who are not yet familiar with it?
If we compare it with first two albums, the first was very death Metal influenced, 2nd is primitive BM, more the way we did on demo tapes. And this one is also primitive Black Metal, but with lots of thrash influences, lots of Celtic Frost and old Bathory itís very much varied in songs. We were unsure how so much variation would turn out, but now we are satisfied. Itís definitely BM, it lasts for about 50 minutes, itís long and it includes our cover of Sacrifice from Bathory.

Do you have any goals you would like to accomplish with this new album?
We changed records label to Seasons of Mist because we wanted to try something new. Seasons of Mist did a great job for us. Drakkar did as well, but Seasons is bigger and much more experienced label. Everything goes a bit faster. We didnít have any particular goals other than to make a hell of an album. True Black Metal, intense album the way we think it should be done. We donít have any particular goals about tours, sales or something.

Since you are from Norway and play Black Metal I am interested how do you view all the changes in once famous Norwegian scene? Many bands ceased to exist, others changed their music and maybe attitude, what do you think of all this?
First, I think in somewhere 96-97 all these keyboards and female vocals bands, fuck off to them yeah, started being very popular and everybody wanted to be around this nice kind of music that was easy to listen even to little kids, with a nice females singer on front cover and for me I really hated and hated it! And I really didnít want to go out in that kind of scene. People were approaching me and asking what we play, when I say itís Black Metal they immediately said ĎOh, like Dimmu Borgir!í And I was likeí Fuck off!í this has nothing to do with that. Around 2002 this changed. All shitty keyboard BM went one way and others, more old styled bands went completely other way. So, today, both in Norway, Sweden and Finland there are many young bands growing up. Really old School BM, really great music. I think the scene all over the world is changing and itís underground again.

While preparing for interview with you I ran across review of your new album where itís stated that Tsjuder is one of the leading BM bands in Norway today? How do you feel about that statement, do you feel itís true?
I also read many reviews saying something like that, which is a compliment. We play true Norwegian BM, but you could not put Tsjuder in front off Dark Throne, or Gorgoroth, even if they changed a little bit. Gorgoroth is still true Norwegian Black Metal. It is a compliment. We will never change our style and we will always play like this!

Never! If we start to change the music the band will split, the band will be over!

Thing interesting to me is use of pseudonyms in Black Metal scene. I know why magickians use pseudonyms when dealing with occult, but what is a reason for musician to use it?
For me, its not me as a person that is standing on the stage. I am in other state of mind, like it is a demon. It wouldnít be right to use my real name. I really connect with the dark side with things we canít understand. I donít feel like myself on stage or when doing a photo session in the woods in dark. I feel so fucking strong and my real name just doesnít fit in there. Itís individual, people have so many reasons why to use it. Some may use it because of trend, but for me it is a need to take different identity.

Last time I did interview in this venue it was with Gaahl from Gorgoroth (read it in Tartarean Desire archives) and we came to conclusion that thing keeping the Black Metal folk, those who are serious about it, is respect towards ones individuality. Besides music, bond between people in the scene is their allowance for others to have freedom in expressions and thoughts. What do you think?
To take the band first, me and guitar player play together for 12 years. What keeps us together is that we have same goals. We donít want to be famous, we donít want to make money with the band. We have many of the same beliefs in the field of Antichristianity. Also, we have similar taste in music, a lot of thrash metal, heavy metal and so onÖ Individuality is, I think, very important. For me only law is myself. Of course I must respect laws in particular country, otherwise I would be put in jail, but I hate religion because it is a book of laws that you must obey. I just want to do what I will. For example followers of Christianity, Islam, or whatever, these people are just slaves or some fiction book. So, individuality sounds like a main word.

Do you think then that there is no God others than oneself and that there are no supernatural powers?
I donít believe in one God. I believe there are some supernatural powers, but I donít know, since I donít know even myself what am I. I do sometimes feel like I am connected with something not of this world, as I said previously. And, also, I like to read a lot about daemons I am fascinated about them. Daemon is just a word, it can be so many things and I am using word daemons so itís easier for people to understand. It could be spirits, ghosts, ghouls beside daemons.

Angels too?
Hmmm, not so much angels, haha. If thereís something good then it requires something evil to exist. So, I am sure there is some supernatural good around, too. But I donít connect with that. Then, subconscious in the human, I am sure you can do very much with it. If you can control it you could do so much with it. I am learning to control it.

What about your musical influences and ways you get inspiration? What about lyrics also?
As for music, I grew up with heavy metal like Alice Cooper, Motley Crue and then I went to Thrash and Death. Today I get very much inspiration from Celtic Frost, and that means Celtic Frost/Hellhammer, so fuckiní cool. Lots of Bathory, of course, South American Sarcophagus, great. Then, Kreator, Sodom, early Sepultura, old Dark Throne, Immortal, Gorgoroth. These are my main influences when it comes to music. There are many other great bands that I like to listen, but not when I look for inspiration for music writing. When it comes to lyrics, itís daemons, supernatural that I feel connected to. I live very close to forest and I can just get out of the door and go to forest. It can be any time of day. I feel thereís so much out there. I get so much inspiration from it. But, I donít write about nature as many other bands. Nature inspires me to write about some other darker subjects. I also like Necronomicon it has been a source of inspiration for me. I enjoy horror movies. Although they are only fiction they offer a lot of inspiration sometimes.

Do you watch porn movies and do you get inspiration from pornography?
Haha, youíd have to ask Nattefrost about that, he would give you a good answer. Black Metal is more spiritual level, satanic, and I donít want to mix that two! But, of course I watch porn movies, Iíd watch every crazy thing out there. I watch splatter movies, porn, SM, snuff.

Do you have any side projects besides Tsjuder?
No at the moment, and I donít expect myself to. Tsjuder is my priority. I played in other bands before, like Isvind 95-97, Gehenna, session in 2000 and some other smaller stuff to help people out. If I am to do something I guess I would only do vocals. If I get a chance, if I meet some really cool people that want to make some real Death Metal I would consider that one.

Do you have some new bands to recommend to readers. This is a way to support a scene that I love to ask in every interview.
Sure, from Norway there is one band I would really like to recommend, itís Mord. They are pretty young guys, but they play great old school BM, very primitive, very good. You mentioned Koldbrann before, I think they also should be mentioned. Then, Urgehal, from Oslo, we played with them few times, they are around for 15 or so years. There are other good bands like Vulture Lord, Watain, Craft, not necessarily from Sweden.

Final word?
It is sad that I can stay here only this evening. I would like to spend more time here. I think entire Eastern Europe is a great place to visit. I plan to come back here on summer and to see some more of it. And to all readers, keep on listening to true raw Black Metal!

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