This is an old interview with the guitarist Scott Waldrop of Twisted Tower Dire which was done by Bruno Zamora.

Editor's comment: Please note that the views expressed in this interview are those of the individuals involved and nothing else. They are not supported by Tartarean Desire.

Greetings Scott…well, before we begin, let me ask you…how many chicks did you fuck last night? Do they have tight throbbing pussy or are they just as boring as any other chick grinning on your show?
I fucked no chicks last night but I traded my laminated pass at the Powermad Festival for a bunch free drinks from a disgusting old toothless hag. I think Jim from October 31 might have had sex with her but I cannot remember. I actually don’t remember anything about last night. I might have fucked 40 chicks for all I know, but I probably didn’t. I got drunk and lost somewhere in Baltimore. I’m actually lucky to be alive and out of jail. The last thing I remember is pissing next to my truck in a traffic jam and everyone beeping and screaming at me. I’m never drinking again. Ha ha ha.

My first question would be like asking you of bands like BLIND GUARDIAN and / or HAMMERFALL. Do you consider them rivals? I've read in the 6th issue of Death By Metal Zine that you say something AGAINST Hammerfall? Why? Do you view Hammerfall as the "Cradle of Filth" of the Heavy Metal scene? If TTD was like IRON MAIDEN, what is Hammerfall? Helloween?
I love Blind Guardian but Hammerfall is a little over-rated in my opinion. They just became the poster child for this whole trend and I think they’re kind of pussies. I think the “poster child” for this movement should sound like Exciter or Killers-era Maiden. That’s just my opinion, and like assholes, everyone’s got one. First off, TTD is not Maiden and we never claimed to be the new Maiden. Maiden is my main influence but we don’t blindly rip them off. I think Hammerfall tries to replicate a type of music rather than make something unique and their own. That’s just what I see and hear from my little exposure to them. I’m sure they don’t feel that way but I do! And yes, Hammerfall thinks they’re Helloween part 2.

How do you feel being compared to Iron Maiden? Do you think that this may affect a loss of your integrity and originality as TWISTED TOWER DIRE? Do you think you can make people see you as TWISTED TOWER DIRE and step out of Iron Maiden's shadow?
I don’t mind! Maiden made me pick up a guitar. I'll never deny my roots! Maiden was, and is, a very special band. They forged a revolutionary sound for underground music. Lightning won’t strike in the same place twice but we can still write killer metal! And, just because we’re working with an established sound (that is Heavy Metal), it doesn’t mean we cannot have our own identity and have things that make us stand out. I don’t want to try and do something that hasn’t been done. I love metal! I love the bands that influenced me as a kid like Maiden, AC/DC, Motley Crue, Ozzy/Sabbath. I don’t want to do anything different. Sure I could experiment, but why? METAL RULES!!!

The info I have states that "The Curse…" is a self financed release. Are you satisfied of how the production turned out? Do you see any room for improvement on the next release? Are there any options for you now to choose the possible producer to handle the next TTD release? What about choosing Martin Birch as producer?
Yea the “Curse” production isn’t that great but “The Isle of Hydra” is done and it sounds amazing. Kevin 131 of Assembly Line Studios here in Virginia engineered it and produced it with us and he’s incredible. He made us sound awesome for the small budget we had. We’ll definitely use him again unless we have the money for Martin Birch in which case we’d probably just wind up spending the money on beer, drugs, pizza and hookers and just have Kevin produce it anyway. No seriously, I’d love to see the day when I can work with a super experienced bad-ass producer. I hope it comes.

You seem to have a lot of material out before "The Curse…". Can you tell us of how you see the evolution of TTD as a band and on songwriting? Do you want to do more difficult riffs? Do you agree that if the band changes its style they are then a sell-out? What can we expect for TTD on the upcoming albums? Can we expect Bruce Dickinson himself guesting on your upcoming material?
Yes, we’ve put out some demos and 7”’s years ago. We’ve had several different singers and guitarist come through the band before the “Curse” line-up, but the song writing has pretty much been about majestic-epic metal from day one. We’ve also always had an emphasis on catchy songs. We want the listener to like it the second they hear it! As for the riffs, we like them to be imaginative and catchy. Some are difficult and some are easy but the main thing is that they need to be original and interesting. As for selling out, all I have to say is that a band needs to remember who its fans are. A band has to evolve to stay interesting (except for AC/DC) to itself AND fans but at the same time you have to remember you roots pride, and integrity. For future TTD releases you can expect MORE CATCHY and MORE CLASSIC METAL songs. We always want to out-do ourselves in the catchiness and militantly metal departments! Bruce Dickinson on a TTD album? I’d fucking crap my pants if the opportunity came along!!!

How do you hook up with so many labels? How many albums will you be doing under MISKATONIK? Do you have a multiple deal with them? How did you get in contact with Miskatonik? Do you prefer that the label should be the one to finance your tours or do you want to finance them on your own? How many tapes did you pass among labels to get their attention? What happened with your deal with NEAR DARK?
Most of the labels we‘ve worked with I met just through doing mail and sending promo packs out. Our first and second albums have been on Miskatonic and we‘d like to do a third with them if we don‘t get any interest from bigger labels. No we don’t have a multiple contract, we just album by album. Miskatonic was started by our friend Rich Walker of the band Solstice. It would be great to one day be on a label that could finance a tour for us but right now we’re just doing it ourselves. We passed on lots and lots of tapes but it just turned out that most of the labels we wound up working with we already knew. Near Dark was taking too long with everything so we just went ahead and did it with Miskatonic.

Do you think all of the arpeggios you've learned seem to work effectively on your songwriting? How many hours do you rehearse every day? Do you think having a college degree in music makes a musician arrogant or whatever? When Randy Rhoads passed away, do you think the Heavy Metal scene lost one of its most precious jewels?
Yea, all the arpeggios and scales were good to learn when I started playing because they helped me understand patterns and it was easy to learn songs by ear. I started playing along to Maiden and stuff like that. I usually play my guitar at least an hour a day depending on how creative I’m feeling. Yes! People with college degrees in anything are generally arrogant assholes, including me ha ha ha. Yes, when Randy died I think we lost one of the most creative guitar players the world has ever seen. A lot of people credit him with bringing classical elements to metal which isn’t really true when you think of guitarists like Ritchie Blackmore, but Randy was one of the most expressive composers metal has ever seen. The solo for Mr. Crowley is one of the most haunting, majestic, and triumphant melodies ever.

During shows, there can be a mix of crowd from various tastes: Black / Death / Thrash. How do you see each of these persons go watch a Heavy Metal show like a TTD show? Did you see some Black Metal guys walking out when you take the stage? How do you feel about it if it really happens on your show? You seem to be in contact with Ustumallagam (DENIAL OF GOD), how is your "mailing life" dealing with people NOT INTO Heavy Metal? Is there a gap with the scene in general?
Most of our fans are just basic metalheads but I see some death metalers and black metal kids too. I’m into more than just classic metal musically and I’ve got a bunch of different “types” of metalheads I’m in touch with D.O.G. for instance is a great cult-style Black Metal band with awesome influences like Death SS. Killer stuff.

Now that you've made an album, will you still be answering your mails and write to unknown zines? Are you the same Scott Waldrop that everyone use to write or talk with? Will you still be promoting yourselves, print your own flyers or will you leave all of this work to the label? What is your reaction when the news explode that ROB HALFORD is a piece of homosexual pig? Did you burn all your Judas Priest collection?
Yes, I’ll promote “The Isle of Hydra” as much as I possibly can as well as will with the other members of TTD. It’s not the same for me as it was when I started TTD and I had lots of time to do mail. Now I’ve got a fulltime job, I’m soon to be married, and I play in a second band October 31 which keeps me super busy. I’ll never stop promoting TTD to the best of my abilities and time constraints though. Bands that don’t take the initiative to spread their name always fail. I don’t accept failure. It just isn’t an option for me. Yes, I‘m the same Scott Waldrop everyone used to talk with except I‘m older, uglier, and more of an alcoholic. I’d like to be able to go easier on promoting TTD because it’s very consuming finically and time-wise but until we prove ourselves to a label that will do it for us, I’m going to keep going!!! Nah, I’ll still always love Judas Priest. I grew up with those songs, besides I knew the motherfucker was a pole smoker. Just listen to the lyrics. They’re pretty much all about sex with other men. I personally think that the Black metal scene in-general is fundamentally more gay than anything Halford has ever said or insinuated. Men wearing fishnets is fucking the epitome of gay!

What can you say about Niggers in metal? Are you in favor of using National Socialism with Metal? What can you say about bands using these elements which mainly are Black Metal? Is there any NS Heavy Metal as far as you know? Do you think "Retro-Thrash" trend is the shortest trend in Metal history, aahhaaaaa!!!! Do you agree that the true Metal feeling is dead and what we have mostly in the scene now is no longer Heavy Metal nor Black or Death Metal but literally "Business Metal"?
Niggers in metal? Oh you mean “Black metal“ ha ha ha. I personally like to keep my art and politics separate. This goes for what I create, not necessarily what I like. If a black guy writes a cool song that sounds like real metal, then I’ll like it regardless. But if a black guy gets up and starts rapping about shooting people and fucking white women then I’ll probably not like it very much to say the least. Yea, I think nationalism is real cool in metal. Iron Maiden always used to flaunt their Englishness what with the English flag on stage and their intro to “Aces High“. I’m proud to be American! I love my country and I flaunt it. It makes things interesting in the music scene. Its not only about loving your country, it’s also about loving your country’s metal scene and its metal legacy. I think its killer. Bands that use only Black Metal influences can be cool if they do it right but most of it‘s just shit in my opinion. NS Heavy Metal? No fucking idea! I think people are still sick of thrash anyway. That trend lasted to long the first time! Business metal? Yes I agree! Faggot bands like Dimmu Borgir and shit like that can kiss my ass.

Thanks for the time answering Scott. Any last words that you might have, say it now!!!
Thanks for the interview!!! We got lots of shit to sell. Dimmu Borgir photos with them getting fucked by black guys and some other ultra rare shit as well. “Curse of Twisted Tower” and “Isle of Hydra” CD’s are $16 a piece. Full color tour shirts are $18. Orders come with stickers and all kinds of shit like that. Send payment to: Twisted Tower Dire, P.O. Box 223508, Chantilly VA 20153, USA email:

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