This interview with Jerry Mortillero and Paul Oullette from the American death metal band Unholy Ghost was done by Andres Castro in March 2004.

After some problems inside Diabolic, most of its members joined forces with former Pessimist axe man Kelly McLauchlin and got the attention of Olympic Records to unleash their soon to be released debut album. I was so impressed by the album and their performance at Sun ĎN Steel Metalfest that decided to know more about their expectations for the new album Torrential Reign. So here is what the Tampa based quartetís Paul and Jerry shared with me for Tartarean Desire.

Ok, you are guys from Diabolic and Pessimist. How did you come out with the idea of Unholy Ghost?
We just wanted to continue playing our music. We are all fired musicians from Diabolic, so we just joined together and started a new band. Itís like a new brutal band is born.

ďFired musicians from DiabolicĒ, what happened?
Jerry: The guy that supposedly owns the name of the band, he copyrighted the name Diabolic. Brian copyrighted the name. When we came out of the US tour, Paul has a problem to go to Europe because of a passport issue, thatís gonna be settled down. So my point of view is that if you have a good chemistry in a band you donít just kick somebody out of the band. Just find a replacement to do the tour, because the writing process is real important. So if you canít go on tour, you can have a fill in guy and keep writing as a band. The band has chemistry instead of firing somebody then, and when you come back, the fill in guy, you kick him out. After the European tour Aantar was having some conflicts, personality wise with the new members because he knew that wasnít the Diabolic that was on the albums. He wasnít happy with it. Some when they came back Brian said ďI copyrighted the name, so youíre outĒ. There was nothing he could do so he said, well Iím gonna call Paul and Jerry. He needed another guitar player so he called Kell from Pessimist and he ended up moving here.

Paul: Antar just came to me and said, ďDude, the European tour was bad, they wanted to see the original band and we werenít thereĒ. They wanted the original Diabolic.

This brings a question to my head. What are your feelings towards Diabolic right now?
I feel bad for them actually. They have no band. The drummer got deported and is struggling to get back. In a way itís sweet vengeance. The lead singer was kicked out before anyway.

When I first listened to your album, I obviously felt a lot of Diabolic on it. That could be good in a sense that you were the guys behind the music, or bad because the ones who donít know might think this is mind of a copycat. What are your thoughts about it?
Well, thatís our sound. The sound we created. Nobody can take that away from us. He took the name; we took the music. We are Diabolic but with a new name. Heís the Diabolic name with new members. We just got a new name; heís got a new band. We just keep it true to our music and ourselves. The next album will sound more Unholy Ghost. Itíll probably sound a little more different than Diabolic; we are progressing in a way that we wanna keep our sound.

How did you guys come out with the name and the whole thing behind the band?
Aantar came out with the name. He came out with the name Diabolic also. He always heard ďBlasphemy of the unholy ghostĒ in the Morbid Angel song so I think thatís where he came up with it. When I heard the name, I was ďgreat manĒ, because Aantar liked the haunting, ghost story talk shit. This is more like a spiritual approach to music; it has more of a spiritual vibe like the astral plane instead of the reality of everything. Itís the blasphemy of the ghost thing, the spiritual world, the haunting. We explore the more supernatural, the side of death that is there. Like in the song Soul Disment is about a soul that is not dead, it stays around; itís about a dead body that doesnít wanna die. Everything goes with stuff about spirits, like in Diabolicís song Dwelling Spirits, Paul wrote all that. Basically Paul started Diabolic, he was the one that came here and said, ďI wanna do a bandĒ. We all have our thing. Iím an artist (Jerry), I did the logo for Unholy Ghost, all the art, except for Mathias in Sweden, he did our cover. We wanted to use Petagno again but that was too close to Diabolic and we wanted to have new identity soÖ

What are you guys about; I mean what do you believe in? Whatís your message?
We donít really have a message, we donít wanna preach anybody. Our attitude dwells basically on the satanic religion, which is believe in yourself, worship yourself, donít worship any religion or any kind of god. Itís the Christians who call us Satanists; they call us that because we donít believe in the Christianity bullshit. So yeah, we are Satanists to them and to anybody who believes in that, because we donít believe in that bullshit. We are like humanists and humanism is like Satanism.

What do you think about Anton La Vey and Alesteir Crowley then?
Anton La Vey, the book of Satan, the satanic bible, Iíve read it all. You pick the best out of it, thereís things you agree with and thereís things you donít, and thatís what Satanism is all about, you get to pick and choose what you wan to feel, what you believe in. We have our own beliefs, some of my beliefs might be similar to Paulís and some might be different but at the end we are really similar. We just want to keep it evil and brutal.

What does evil mean to you?
AhhÖ hahahaÖ thereís a lot of evil in the band. If you catch me on a bad night youíll see evil coming out of me.

Yeah, but describe evil. What it means for you and how does it influence your music and lifestyle?
Brutality man. Itís all about the dark forces. I donít think donít think thereís any good going on the world today (Paul). God is evil; some ďgoodĒ shit is evil. Itís like abortion activists or the lady whoís on the news who killed her kids and said ďgod did itĒ. Is she good? Because she is a Christian? So, whatís evil? I think all organized religion is fucking evil, and we are pissed off. Itís like this weekend in particular, yesterday was good Friday, when it was the crucifixion of Christ, and they call it good Friday, why do you call it good Friday?

Letís go back to the band. Do you think that the fact that you were members of Diabolic helped you guys to get the deal with Olympic/Century Media? How is it working out?
As soon as we joined, we recorded the 3-song demo. We sent it to the underground as we did in the old days with snail mail. We sent it to everybody and we got a bunch of people saying, ďWow, this is really goodĒ. We did so many good shows. We played Las Vegas Metalfest, the Snake Net Metalfest in North Carolina. So we gathered more hype and the record label found about what we were doing, they listened to it, it got their attention, so they quickly jumped on it.

What are your expectations right now? Are you willing to destroy Diabolic or something like that? (Laughs)
I think they already did that (Laughs). I just want to push our music further, get it to another level, reach as many people as we can and just continue on.

Ok, thank you guys for the interview, last words?
Just support Unholy Ghost. Donít download our shit off the Internet, go and buy our album, you have the lyrics, the pictures, the layout; itís all we got for you. We want to bring you all that. Itís like a book so you can get to know the songs and ourselves.

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