This e-mail interview with drummer Robert Lundin of Vicious Art was done by e-mail by Vincent Eldefors in March 2005.

Vicious Art is a Swedish death / thrash metal band formed in 2003 by several experienced extreme metal musicians in the Stockholm area. Late 2004 they released their debut album "Fire Falls And The Waiting Waters".

Hello, how are you doing? What is your name?
My name is Robert and I am the drummer. I'm doing just fine, thank you.

Your debut album "Fire Falls And The Waiting Waters" was released in October last year. Are you happy with the response so far?
Yes. Most reviews have been really good so far, although I hope the writers will stop calling us a 'superband', 'allstarband', 'new project' or whatever they like to call us. Of course I can see why, but enough allready.

Why did you form Vicious Art in the first place? What was the intention and how did the idea come up?
We had enough written material that didn't fit into Dark Funeral or any other existing band. Hence me, Matti and Tobbe decided to form this band.

Was Joakim Widfeldt the obvious choice behind the microphone? Has he been fronting any bands in the past?
Joakim is always my/our first choice behind the microphone. Me, Joachim and Matti have been playing together for fifteen years by now. Joachim was a memeber in Obscurity (Sthlm) and Dominion Caligula before Vicious Art.

How important is Vicious Art for the respective band members? Will this be your main band for now?
Vicious Art is very important for all the bandmembers, and this will be our main band for now.

Many people are curious as to whether there will be a new Dominion Caligula album or not, what is the current status on that matter?
We actually discussed this some months ago, but it is very unlikely that there will be a new Dominion Caligula album in a near future. It will most definately be at least one or two more Vicious Art albums before we would consider to make D.C. happen again. And it also depends on Masses interest of course.

Who came up with the band name? Did you have any other ideas which were turned down? What are the most important things about a good band name?
I think it was I who came up with the band name with some help from close relatives. My first suggestion was 'Violent Art', but since there already exists a band with a similar name, we changed it to 'vicious Art', which is equally good in my opiníon. I'd say that the most important thing about a good bandname is that it should be 'catchy' and quite easy to remember. In our case, because we're a metalband, it doesn't hurt if it sounds hard and brutal.

Threeman Recordings signed you for the release of the debut album, was it natural to sign with them? Did you have any other labels in mind?
We had some other labels in mind, of which one definately wanted to sign us, but Threeman made a very good impression on us and it felt natural to sign with them.

The lyrics of the album are quite long and elaborate which isn't that usual among death metal bands today. Was this something you decided on right from the start?
Yes. Myself and Joachim -who cowrite all our lyrics- could not write in any other way. We are deliberately writing these 'riddle-like', twisted and poetic lyrics, not only to amuse ourselves but primarely because we belive we have some good writing in us that we like to share with our audience.

Does the album title have any meaning? If so, what is it meant to say?
The album title -in our world- summons going from chaos to calm. Also we associate it to atumn, which is quite suitable. Other than that, it just sounds good.

How long did it take to write the music for "Fire Falls..."? What is the writing process like within the band?
I'd say it took about one year of writing before we entered the studio. Now adays every member in the band contributes to the writing process, so whoever comes up with an idea just plays it and the rest of us act like roman emperors who decide whether to let the riffs live or die, so to speak. Regarding the lyrics, me and Joachim decide pretty much ourselves what's good or bad. About 50% of the material is written at home, and the other half in our rehearsalroom.

Musically you pay homage to the old death metal bands from the late 80s / early 90s but also the Bay Area thrash scene, do you think that there is still a future for this type of music?
Yes, most definately. As a matter of fact, during yesterdays rehearsal Matti played a riff that he wrote ten years ago which sound very Bay Area thrash, and we all started to smile, which is a very good sign during rehearsals. We instantly know that in the right tempo, that riff will be killer. I am not, however, that naive believing this type of music necessarily have the biggest of following right now, or in the future. But I think I speak for all the memebers when I say that late 80s/early 90s death metal along with the Bay Area thrash scene at its best is music that will never be beaten.

Did you ever have the thought of recording the album at the Sunlight studio? Did you choose the Off Beat studio simply because of the fact that Tob's old bandmate Linus Nirbrant is one of the owners?
No, we never thought of recording at the Sunlight studio. Yes, we choose the Off Beat studio simply because of Linus (and Anders), after taking referenses of course. Its location is also superb; close to our rehearsalroom and the homes of three bandmembers (at walking distance).

The cover art is credited to Kristian Wåhlin who is already well-known to most people for his music and beautiful paintings. Did you give him any directives for the artwork or did he have completely free hands?
Fortunately we didn't have to give him any directives since the painting used for our cover art was already made when we asked him to help us out. He e-mailed us a digi-shot of the painting and we decided to go for it. It just happened to fit in.

Will we be able to see Vicious Art out on the roads soon? What do you think of playing live?
We love playing live, and you will see us within Sweden (and possibly Norway) in March and April. We are however very anxious to do more liveshows, so anyone who reads this interview and happen to be an arranger, please contact us via and give us an offer we can't refuse. Scandinavia, Europe, USA....we like to play anywhere if the conditions are acceptable.

Any final words that the world should not miss out on?
We have already begun work on our next album, and whoooaaa -if I may say so myself- it sounds promising to say the least. Stay Metal !

Thanks a lot for the interview and good luck with the band and everything else in the future!
Thank you for your interest !

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