This interview with Malfeitor Fabban (MF) and Riccardo Conforti (RC) of Void Of Silence was done through e-mail in November 2001.

Hello, how are you doing?
MF: Everything it’s ok in my life. I need much more chemicals now and maybe a new motorbike too.
RC: I think well, thanks.

Could you please give us a short history of the band?
MF: We’re just evil messengers. This band was born some when in the past in order to spread the devil propaganda in the planet earth. One day in the past we meet each other’s in a human’s implant in south of India.
RC: yeah, tree years ago, me and Ivan constituted VOID OF SILENCE with the intention of create music that would be the perfect union among its different influences: the one Dark/Ambient with gothic and industrial junction for the first one, and the one Doom/Metal oppressive of the second one. After some months Fabban joined the band. The last years we composed the first album “Toward the Dusk” and now “Criteria ov 666” (the second one) is complete. Code666 will release it in February 2002.

You have recently signed to the Italian metal label Code666 for three albums. What are your expectations on this deal?
RC: They have a great promo organization and an excellent team. In Italy they are the best ones and to the foreign country he does not have equal.
MF: Code666 is a cool label. I like their 3 six in the name, so we decided to sign just for this reason.

What can one expect from a Void Of Silence release?
MF: Just rotten vibes, death, clinic sounds and the unbelievable.
RC: It’s an album only for few people, but the persons who will dare to approach it will find themselves deeply involved with something able to give great emotions.

The ambient scene seems to have become closer linked to the metal scene and especially the black metal scene over the last couple of years. What are your thoughts on this?
MF: I agree. Nothing is true. Everything is permitted. There’re no limits in the music art.
RC: I listen to this kind of music since many years and various currents of thought exist: the traditionalist that prefer the Vocals-guitars-bass trio and those that succeed to see beyond their own borders. Personally I think it’s a good thing to take something from a completely various scene for the black metal in order to modernize the sound, but the important thing is that the music comes out with a minimum of conscience and acquaintance of the step that is going to be done. I often hear talks about Ambient/metal or similar, but there isn’t nothing of ambient in the final stuff or the little that comes out it’s just approximate shit.

In Italy you have one of the two 'big' European ambient/dark wave labels namely Eibon Records, the other one being Sweden's Cold Meat Industry. Is ambient music more popular in Italy than in the rest of Europe you think?
MF: I don’t think so. Italians will never grow up. Of course lots of people listen to dark-ambient music, but I don’t think this is the more listened genre here. People here like power shitty metal for instance, or boring melodic stuff for instance. Many friends of mine love dark-ambient stuff as me also.
RC: In Italy the dark ambient stuff (and industrial, apocalyptic folk, power electronics) has a narrow space in the extreme “scene”. Only one magazine (made also much good). Only the usual things. Every magazine is equal to the other, with same reviews, interviews and arguments. The Eibon is a good label, but there are other better and more extreme, like Old Europe Cafè, Slaughter Production and Beyond prod. That they propose truly excellent band.

Are any of the current band members still involved with other bands or projects? If so, please tell us a little about them.
MF: Just me... I play in Aborym also, this is my lead-band.

What kind of music do you listen to these days? What sources of inspiration do you find most important?
MF: Many techno stuff, goa trance, minimal and c&cuts techno, lots of classical such as Smetana. I like hard-industrial, power noise also. The last Aphex Twin album is superb. Some times black metal, like Mutilation, the old Mayhem or Absurd and Acheron. I love Currrent 93 and Diamanda Galas.
RC: Dark/ambient, Industrial, Apocalyptic folk, Harsh noise. Band like Raison d’Etre, Apoptose, MZ412, the first Ordo Equilibrio, Sephirot, Bad Sector, Theom for me are usually listened.

What do you think about the Internet and its use in the music industry?
MF: I don’t care too much. It’s another world.

How do you picture the future of mankind?
MF : There’s no future. Just a post-atomic agony... never endless.

What do you think about the music scene in Italy at the moment? Are there any bands you admire more than others?
MF : Absolutely not.
RC: Ephel Duath for Black metal, Bad Sector for Ambient. Unfortunately Italy has a great progressive background and the bands follow all an ideal where the technique is more important of feeling. Usually the magazines think that a band with a fast drummer is better of another one that instead employs two years in order to compose something truly valid

What goals or plans do you have for the nearest future?
MF: To die-hard.
RC: To breath most possible

Any final words of importance (or not)?
MF: I think is not necessary.

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