This interview with Anthony Lauer of Within Tears was done through e-mail in May 2001.

Hello, how are you?
Good, considering the day did start off pretty bad, I woke up.

You are still not very known outside of USA. Could you please give us a short introduction to the band?
We're a band from Brooklyn, New York that's made up of 2 core members, Anthony Lauer (vocals, guitars, bass, keyboards) & Sal Sgroi (vocals). We play a combination of doom, gothic, & heavy metal mixed with orchestrated scores and ballads.

You have just released your first cd called "Moments Of Life Chapter 1". Could you tell us a little about it, the sound, lyrics etc.?
Musically, overall, the cd keeps a pretty dark sound throughout. Everything is based around the lyrics. When I write, I envision the song as a movie in my head and I want people to have the same vision when they listen to the cd. All the style and time changes are there to help convey the feeling of the lyrics. To me, the music is the score and the lyrics are the dialog. Also, there's a storyline throughout the cd. That's why there's dates at the bottom each lyric page. The dates do not represent when we wrote the song, they give you a timeline of the character. Each date was picked for a particular reason. Try and figure out the story while reading the lyrics. Email me at withintears@hotmail.com if you think you got it and I'll let you know.

You included a Candlemass cover on your debut album. I suspect Candlemass is one of the main sources of inspiration for the band together with bands such as My Dying Bride?
Definitely. Both of us love My Dying Bride, but I'm the bigger Candlemass fan. I recorded all the music to "Solitude" as a goof before I even suggested to Sal that we should cover it. Once he heard it, he was like "That's sounds incredible. We definitely got to do it!"

The album features some of the most beautiful and dreamlike female vocals Ive ever heard. Who is this Barbara Nolan?
Barbara Nolan is my girlfriend. Originally when we started Within Tears we didn't plan on using female vocals. We actually didn't have a plan at all. When we started to record "Beauty Creates Pain" I felt a female vocal would fit and add to the meaning and feeling of that part of the song. I asked Barbara to try singing out that part so I could hear it and she suprised me. Both Sal and I thought it sounded good so we decided to use her for female vocals. It turned out good for us for two reasons, 1) her vocals add to the feeling of the songs 2) I can now write with another sound in mind.

You have both been playing in a band called Subjection. Could you tell us a little about that band? Who else were involved?
Subjection was around for about 2 years and during that time we were picking up a pretty good following. We played a combination of hardcore, doom, and death. There were 2 other members in the band besides us, Lou & Nick. Nick went on to play and record with a hardcore group called Inhuman and I have no idea what Lou is doing.

Are any of the current band members involved in any other bands or projects outside Within Tears? What kind of musical background do you have?
I wrote a couple of songs with my girlfirend Barbara, which I'm sure she's going to break my balls about recording them now that so many people have commented positively on her vocals. I also write some movie score type music that I don't do anything with, so if anyone needs music for a movie, email me. Other than that, we don't have any other outside projects. As far as musical background goes, neither of us have any formal trainging. I taught myself to play guitar, bass, & keyboards.

What do you do when not playing music?
Watch dvds, play video games, lift weights, mostly things I can do totally by myself or with just my girlfriend. I don't like crowds, so that eliminates most big social activities.

What do you think of mp3's and the Internet as a way of promoting bands and music in general?
I think mp3's are great. If it wasn't for mp3's, I wouldn't have heard of half the bands that I now listen to. It's even more important for underground bands because you can get people throughout the world to listen to your music. The fact is that most people won't buy a cd from a group they never heard of before, and even if they would, you have to hope that they can find it where they live. There;s another reason why I like mp3's.. I'm tired of buying cds from groups that get such great reviews only to get them home and find out they suck. I've bought over 1000 cds since I first got a cd player (never mind all the records I used to have). Calculate each at $15 each and that equates to a shitload of money. Out of all those cds, maybe 250 of them were worth buying. Now I can judge for myself before spending money on a cd. The thing to remember is that if you download an mp3 that you like, go out and buy the cd. You have to support the groups you like or else they won't be around for that long. Then all you'll be left with is whatever MTV feels like playing. The horror...

What plans and goals do you have for the future?
Our main goal is to get a record contract, but until that's finalized we're going to keep on writing and recording new songs. We also want to play live, so sooner or later we'll have to try and find 5 other people who want to play our music.

What are your top 5 bands ever?
Pink Floyd, My Dying Bride, Iron Maiden, Black Sabbath, Candlemass

Is doom metal still alive? What do you think of the future of the genre and the current scene?
There's a small undergound doom metal scene but at the same time, I don't think doom metal was ever really that popular. As far as the future of the genre goes, I have no clue what's going to happen.

Any final words for the fans?
If you like our music, email us and let us know. If you haven't heard us yet, you can listen to our songs at our website http://withintears.virtualave.net/ or go to mp3.com or you can even download 2 of our songs off of amazon.com. If you like what you hear than buy the cd.

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