This interview with Juliette of Without Face was done through e-mail in January 2002.

Hello, how are you doing?
Hi, thanks, we are very excited about the studio now...

Most people are probably not yet familiar with your band, could you please give us a short history of Without Face?
The band started in 1997., and that year we released a demo, but if I want to be really exact I would say 1998, after the performaces on Pepsi Sziget Fest, Budapest, when we first experienced what is a real concert like. There were a lot of fans, and it was fantastic to feel how much they enjoyed what we did on the stage. I think that was that point in the life of the band when we realised that we want to do it very seriously. After, we wrote Deep Inside, and it released in 2000 in Hungary.

Your debut album "Deep Inside" was re-released on your new label Dark Symphonies in December 2001, are you still happy with that album?
Yes and no. If we could go back in time we would change the production for sure. It would be so unnecessary to explain from how little money was it recorded. If I would tell , you would may laugh! So, we would change the production, we would mix it again, and I think we would re-play a few parts. Thatís all.:) Next time we will have much more money for the studio, so I think we wonít have any problems like this.)

I suspect you have been working on some new material since then, can we expect any changes in your music in the future?
I think the new material will be really exciting. It will be a little harder, and more complex than Deep Inside, but also a little softer at some places, so if possible it will be more colorful, but much better composed too. We still use that kind of vocal styles than in Deep Inside, but we also experimenting with new and new things. But the new songs are also genuine Without Face songs.

As I understand your lyrics are inspired by well-known darker authors like Poe, Lovecraft and Longfellow. Who writes them?
In Deep Inside, we wrote the lyrics togather with Andras, but for the new album only Iím writing. Both Deep Inside and the new albums, the lyrics are written in a similar theme, or maybe itís better to say atmosphere. We donít write about really happy things, we want to catch a deep inside fear, an anchient feeling in the lyrics. I think they are rather mysterious. They are about a world which is refused by the civilisation: this is the word of magic, and wonders, the supernatural, the insticts. It seems that people nowadays fear from speaking about anything what canít be explained with realistic facts. They seem to forget every inexplicable things, or they just say they donít belive it, and just wave their hands. And if you start to speak about anything like this, they all think that you must be insane! Most of the civilisation donít want to know about anything what canít be explained by facts, but they all have a latent fear from these things. This is why they are watching thrillers!And these is what we want them to remember!

Mixing male and female vocals is nothing that will make a band stand out from the others any longer. What do you think separates Without Face from other similar bands?
First of all, we have always wanted to make our different style and way of music. Our vocals are not the well-known beauty and the beast vocals, but something different. It became the trademark of our music, and I think that we managed to create a brand new vocal style. .We have planned this at the beginnings, and we managed to do it: the two vocals has to complete each other, not to work against the other, so while scoring we were absolutely made big attention on that the vocals must be in a harmony with each other and also with the music.

Are any of the band members involved with any other bands?
No, all of us plays only in Without Face, itĎs a rule!.) ItĎs only possible like this, if we want to do it seriously, and we want to do seriously. Before WF we played in a few bands but there was nothing serious...we have several bands before Without Face was formed, but this was the band we really felt. We had thrash, grind core, jazz, stoner bands, but as I mentioned nothing serious...

What kind of musical background do the current band members have? Are any of you formally trained musicians?
Yes, all of us learned and learn music.

What do you do when not making music? Do you work or study?
Half of the band work, Our drummer, Peter, the vocalist Andras...and our guitarist, Roomy would also work, but now he doesnít...and the other half studies: our keyboarder,Sasza studies computer technology, our basser...also something like that, and I learn English at the University

I suspect the conditions are very hard for musicians in general in Hungary but now you have been signed by the American Dark Symphonies and Sunseth Sphere by the Dutch Hammerheart Records. Do you think this will help to change the situation?
Yes, absolutely...I am sure this will help, and we can also help to the bands here...for example I made an interview not long ago with a very nice guy, and I mentioned that there are many great bands in Hungary waiting for labels...and than he sad ďreally?I have a label...Ē, so now he will get a few albums, and we will see...

Are there any other Hungarian bands you think are worthy of more attention?
Yes as I mentioned there are so many good bands, you didnít mention for example Sear Bliss, but they are also at an American label, or EvenSong, who were at the Dutch Displeased, but there are many great bands, who are trying to get to foreign labels, for example Dying Wish (www.dyingwish.musicpage.com), or Vale of Tears, Stonehenge, Dark Clouds, Cross Borns..and I donít know, there are so many, they just canít get the promotion and attention they would deserve...

In November you played some live shows in Austria and Hungary, did everything turn out well?
Yes it was fantastic...we could really feel like musicions...in Hungary, many times you have to pay to play finally...but in Austria they seem to not know or understand anything like this...the audience was also very very nice, we loved them!.) Of course, Vienna is not the dream of most of the bands..it is like in every big cities, they go to the fashion bands and nothing else...but the club was also really great there, and we enjoyed so much...and the next they in VŲlkermarkt with itís unbelivable hills and everything..it was unforgettable!

How do you like playing live? Are you satisfied with the response from the audience?
We think metal was born to play it live...itís a concert music. Unfortunately most of the people nowadays donít know what a feeling a concert can give...they can feel sorry! We love playing live!

What kind of music do you usually listen to? What are your favorite bands?
We are listening so many kind of music, from thrash to folk, gothic, jazz, everything! Everyoneís taste is a little different, but we have a common point: we all like progressive music, and we like find something unusual, or original in all music we listen. And we strive for it in our own music, too. We have many favourites...too many to list it!.)

Any final words you would like to add?
Yes thanks for the interview, greetingsto all metal fans! And please look at our website at www.withoutface.com, and if you wouls like to write us, our email adress is without_face@hotmail.com!

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