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Hamburg, Germany @ Docks, Sunday March 1st, 2009

by Juliane John

What a crossover package! The titans of German thrash metal, the pioneers of German metalcore and a unique Swiss folk metal band together on one tour, this was truly a must-see! The venue Docks is also one of the bigger ones in Hamburg, confirming that Kreator is 20-year-standing-and-still-going-strong. The average age of the crowd was surprisingly low, yet all ages from 15 to 45 showed up that night.

Emergency Gate photos

EMERGENCY GATE started with a fresh sound somewhere between melodeath and metalcore that probably appealed to the Caliban fans the most. With an energetic front man, who even took a little trip into the crowd for one entire song, and some quality song material they did a good job opening and even received some decent applause and headbanging from the yet filling crowd.

Eluveitie photos

ELUVEITIE have skyrocketed since their last release “Slania” and it seems that all they do is go on tour with every possible opportunity. Today, however, the usual 8-piece from Switzerland was down three men, flutist Patrick and both guitarists did not take part in this tour for yet unknown reasons. One tour guitarist had been hired, the other spot was in turns filled by both CALIBAN axe men and their sound guy (who happens to play in the young and promising band ABSENCE), which on the whole didn’t harm the band’s performance and in fact added quite the entertaining challenge as far as guessing who would pick up the guitar for the next song. Singer Chrigel’s charming Swiss accent still sounded too amusing to me when he roared his “Do you wanna hear some fucking metal” demands but with a setlist of their heaviest songs, ELUVEITIE kept the crowd dancing and moshing to an extent I was quite surprised to see during a support of a KREATOR show!

Caliban photos

Having any genre-distant band open for the thrash legends Kreator (and their often merciless fans) would be risky enough but metalcore makes you almost be afraid of riots between the hardliner fans of both parties. But Hamburg’s crowd was pleasantly open-minded (except for a small group of fans shouting “Caliban sucks” AFTER the show - as if that was still of meaning at that time) and followed front man Andreas’ signals to circle pit readily. Of course some fans demanded a Wall of Death soon, which was joyfully initiated by the band. Otherwise, newer (“I Will Never Let You Down” and “Let Go”) as well as older material was played today and even one new song was served to the fans. Shouter Andi couldn’t thank the crowd often enough for the participation and endless moshing, I suppose some of the other shows didn’t go as well as today’s!

Kreator photos

Suddenly, the venue became packed at once; I always wonder how some people can never seem to care to even check out the support bands. Going in line with their motto of hate and anger, the stage was completely kept in red light when KREATOR entered the stage. In an instant, the crowd was going wild beyond limits, headbanging and moshing people everywhere suited the opener “Hordes of Chaos”. Since the release of the same-named album was only a month ago, the setlist was naturally cramped with other new songs (“Amok Run”, “Destroy What Destroys You”, “Warcurse”), which by no means had to stand back behind the old hits “Flag of Hate” or “Betrayer”. Singer Mille Petrozza’s announcements haven’t changed in years, though he’s probably one of the few who can still demand to “see a fucking mosh-pit” and get away with it without eyes being rolled. Let’s face it, KREATOR have been all about chaos and destruction and they sure razed Hamburg to the ground! Great gig a usual!

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