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Poland's kings of blackened death metal, BEHEMOTH, recently performed the first of a handful of dates leading up to the Metal Hammer Full of Hate Tour that kicks off Hamburg Germany February 9th.

BEHEMOTH frontman Nergal had this to say about the sold out shows: "Magick is back, my friends! We have our first 'rebirth' shows under our belt, moreover, both Poznan and Danzig were totally sold out and crowd's reactions went beyond anyone's expectations!

We have a special guest, Krzysztof Azarewicz introducing the band on stage, thanx mate! You are a true friend! Behemoth would like to thank every person that came down and shown their support.

It can't be underrated. We have few more shows to go…and then we're gonna take a deep breath before striking back the European stages in February. This is the ultimate manifest of our unconquerable will! Join us!"

Expect more tour info to be released shortly.

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