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Danish Black Metallers BLODARV have reached an agreement with the Slovenian underground label Nigrum Serpentis Production, for the release of a retrospective compilation that will cover ten years of the band’s history. The ten-track CD will contain various tracks from BLODARV’s pro-releases, including the bonus track “Six feet Below As She Wished For Death” which was originally written in 1996 and up to now has only been available on the first BLODARV demo “Murder in the Name of Satan”. The album is set to run for 60 minutes and comes with a twelve-page booklet containing lyrics (the band writes in both Danish and English), photos and fan art which detail the history of BLODARV, whose founder and front man Hugin lives on Bornholm, an island steeped in history and myths and legends, and whose music takes its listeners on a journey along dark paths peopled by powerful demons, haunted souls, tragic destinies and chilling dreams.

Track listing for “A Demon’s Diary” as follows:
1. Under Satans Vinger
2. Daemonstormens Tid
3. Power Of A Soul
4. Where The Beast Dwell
5. Those Who Speaks In Minds
6. Heksen Nitiria Amlech
7. Sealed In Black With Silver Stars
8. Beyond Life
9. Langt Vaek Fra Livet
10. Natteskarn

*Bonus track: “Six Feet Below As She Wished For Death”

Despite an accident which smashed Hugin’s jaw and left him unable to either sing or perform live for most of 2011 while it healed, the vocalist has nevertheless been busy. Work has been progressing well on BLODARV’s next full-length album, and the band featured two previously un-released tracks on the “Shadows of Tragedy” compilation which was released on Self Mutilation Services in September of this year. Hugin himself has been working on two further projects, one being the 7” “Laesaabobbainjnj” EP from his side-project SANSÂGER for which a release date has still to be set, and the other a collaboration with Norwegian musician ELENYX (COMBATH), along with Sweden’s IT (ABRUPTUM, VONDUR, OPTHALAMIA), on the new album “Heksevind” from her NÅE project. With their frontman now once more fit and well, BLODARV will mark their return to the stage with a gig at The Rock in Copenhagen on the 26th November, supporting Germany’s ENDSTILLE.

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