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It's official. On the Western Front has been confirmed as the title of the long-awaited new D.I. album and it will arrive on August 7th via Suburban Noize Records, according to a message posted on Myspace by guitarist Chckn.

On the Western Front is D.I.'s first studio recording since 1994's State of Shock and also their first release with the current line-up, consisting of Casey Royer (voclas), Chckn (guitar), Clinton (guitar), Eddie Tater (bass) and Joey Tater (drums). The album will likely include the title track, which can be heard on the SRH Clothing and Suburban Noize Records compilation "Supporting Radical Habits II".

Work on a follow-up to "State of Shock" began in 2004, two years after announcing their reunion in 2002, although many believed that the album was actually made in the wake of their 2002 compialtion release Caseyology, which also featured some unreleased material. Originally due for release sometime in 2004, the album remained delayed constantly, due to record company problems and D.I. was sent out on the road several times.

As of D.I.'s reunion, the band has lost every original member besides mastermind Casey Royer (ex-Social Distortion, The Adolescents and ADZ). Despite the fact that State of Shock had received lukewarm reviews and poor sales, D.I. unexpectedly broke up in 1995, because of musical differences.

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