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When on December 16th the new IRON MASK album "Black as Death" will be released, next to the CD version also a limited vinyl edition (500 copies only) will be made available. The 2-LP in gatefold sleeve contains 74 minutes of finest neo-classical inspired Power Metal / Hard Rock, including the only here-to-find bonus track "March of the Slaves."

Band leader and guitarist Dushan Petrossi:

"With each new release, fans ask me for a vinyl edition. I'm glad that now with "Black as Death" we are able to offer this for the first time. The artwork looks so awesome in a large double vinyl size format! Just what this great album deserves! This increases our own anticipation for the release even further."

Tracklist “Black As Death”

01. From Light Into The Dark
02. Black As Death
03. Broken Hero
04. Feel The Fire
05. Genghis Khan
06. God Punishes, I Kill
07. Rebel Kid
08. Blizzard Of Doom
09. The Absence
10. Magic Sky Requiem
11. Nosferatu
12. When All Braves Fall

Evil Strikes In Silence (CD & Vinyl Bonustrack)
March Of The Slaves (Vinyl Bonustrack)

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