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Experimental Norwegian act SHINING will release Live Blackjazz in North America on January 17th. For the first time ever, the raw energy of the band's legendary live performances has been captured on tape in a setting organized solely by the band itself. Produced by the multi-talented front man Munkeby, and backed by the same mixing and mastering team as on their previous Blackjazz studio album, we could not get a truer version of what Blackjazz is meant to be. Straight from the horse's mouth, this is the new standard that bands will strive to match for the next 10 or 20 years to come.

"This is basically the 'Greatest Hits' album we have always dreamed of, now beautifully combined with breathtaking film footage vibrating with power. It feels good to know that people can now truly experience how much fire and effort we pour into our live shows. It could not have been better!" - Jørgen Munkeby

With all the blackness and all the humor, Live Blackjazz is the perfect display of a new genre rising. With all its technicality and all it' rough shooting from the hip. With the trademark meltdown guitar tones and the Bonham-reborn-as-an-android drumming. Finally we have the proof: the saxophone is the new Devil's instrument.

Produced by Munkeby

Mixed by Sean Beavan (Marilyn Manson, Nine Inch Nails, Slayer)

Mastered by Tom Baker (Marilyn Manson, David Lynch, Nine Inch Nails)

Graded by John Cryer (Muse)

Film directed by Anders Børresen

SHINING's 2010 release Blackjazz was nominated for a Grammy in the band's home country, where the album reached #9 on the pop charts. The group recently performed at the Wacken Open Air festival and will support Devin Townsend -- with whom they also performed earlier this year -- next month in London. The New York Times has called them a "radioactive alloy of jazz and black metal," while All Music Guide called Blackjazz "an astonishing blend of industrial, metal, free jazz and raw electronic noise...the kind of album artists will be striving to equal for years to come."

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