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Conceived from the minds of multi-instrumentalists Mhaghnuis and Luathca, PTAHIL's uncompromising full-length debut, For His Satanic Majesty’s Glory, is slated for release via new label home, Wraith Productions on November 14, 2011. Composed and recorded in complete adversarial ritual, For His Satanic Majesty’s Glory is a transmigration through chaotic boundaries never before unveiled and an imposing assault of Satanic black/punk/doom metal on the senses.

For His Satanic Majesty’s Glory Track Listing:
1. The Great Satan
2. For His Satanic Majesty's Glory
3. The Black Fire
4. Lilitu
5. Regards Foreman Exu
6. The Black Flag Of Total Death
7. Deathwish
8. World Ablaze
9. The Gate To The Kliphotic Anti-World

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