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Polish avantgarde metallers STROMMOUSSHELD have just finished the
pre-production process of their long awaited second full-lenght album
entitled "No Direction Home".

"We confirm the rumours about coming back to life as a real band. We
ended up putting together all the riffs and soundscapes we managed to
gather during all those fuckin' years. Now, when we have the vision of
this yet unborn bastard we may say the new album is going to be
something you would never expect from us!"

At the time the band is preparing to enter the studio and start
recording session! First tracks will be laid down in the Huge Studio
where the drums is going to be recorded, then the band will move to SH
Studio to record guitars, basses, and vocals. The production will be
taken care of Maels Strommo, band's vocalist and guitarist.

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