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REVIEW: Amorphis - Tuonela Relapse Records, 1998
Amorphis - Tuonela - cover art The Finnish psychedelic metal rockers of Amorphis are one of the most unique bands on Earth as it comes to metal. When they started out as a death metal band years ago no-one could have guessed what would was about to come later on. Now they are one of the biggest metal bands from Finland ever and there is no other band sounding the way they do with influences from folk music, psychedelic rock from the 70's and of course the good old metal roots are still there to make the best of it. In my opinion there is no doubt that this is the magnum opus of Amorphis and some of the most beautifully composed metal songs ever can be found on this album: "Greed", "Shining" and "Rusty Moon" are simply amazing with their combination of aggressive metal riffs and the graceful and melancholic vocals. There are so many subtle melodies hidden in the songs from Amorphis that you find something new to enjoy every time you listen to the album. The really good albums are often the ones you find hard to accept in the beginning but then they grow on you more and more each time it takes a spin in your cd player. How come there are so many metal bands who breaks new ground in the metal scene? We have Tiamat from Sweden turning gothic, Therion from Sweden also turning into one of the most creative symphonic metal bands ever and now we have Amorphis from Finland turning into a psychedelic rock metal band. Scandinavia rules!

written by Vincent Eldefors

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