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REVIEW: Behemoth - Slaves Shall Serve Regain Records, 2005
Behemoth - Slaves Shall Serve - cover art Following their smashing artistic and commercial success “Demigod,” Behemoth have released a video EP to tide us all over till the next album. What we find here is the title track “Slaves Shall Serve”(previously released on “Demigod”), the one brand new original Behemoth song “Entering the Pylon ov Light,” the two covers “Penetration” and “Until You Call on the Dark,” two live tracks ( “Demigod” and “Slaves Shall Serve” again), and the video clip for the title track. Now “Slaves Shall Serve” was definitely one of my favorite tracks off of “Demigod” and I am glad that they chose to use it for the album’s second video. The video itself is quite impressive, probably their best since the phenomenal “Decade of Therion” from 1999’s “Satanica” album. Intense shots of the bands playing furiously are mixed together with scenes of beautiful women in bondage, submitting themselves to lead singer Nergal dressed as a Cardinal. While upon first hearing the song it conjured visions of Nergal directing the building of a Ziggurat, the imagery used in the video is very effective and fits the music very well, reflecting Behemoth’s remarkable and innovative approach to brutal death metal.

The new song “Entering the Pylon ov Light” is of impeccable quality, being very similar to the material found on “Demigod.” The cover songs are hit and miss, by which I mean one is a hit and the other is a miss. “Penetration,” originally by gothic band Nefilim, works very well. There is a noticeable gothic flavor to the song, a sort of richer and more romantic death metal; the music and lyrical concept of the song are perfect for Behemoth. However, this is not the case for the second cover song. This is perhaps largely due to the fact that I never cared much for Danzig in the first place, so Behemoth doing Danzig seemed to me an unnecessary degradation. The quality of the live tracks is good, capturing the feeling of a Behemoth live performance as closely as possible. Overall the release is very nice, but rather unessential. Anyone who does not already own all of the other Behemoth albums would be better served by buying any one of them instead of this EP. However, any die-hard Behemoth fan won’t want to miss the new song and video.

written by Andrew Zawislanski

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1. Slaves Shall Serve
2. Entering The Pylon Ov Light
3. Penetration (Nefilim Cover)
4. Until You Call On The Dark (Danzig cover)
5. Demigod (live)
6. Slaves Shall Serve (live)
7. Slaves Shall Serve (enhanced video clip)

Playing time: 21.00

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