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REVIEW: Black Flame - Conquering Purity Worship Him Records, 2006
Black Flame - Conquering Purity - cover art Unsung and almost completely unknown comes this beast of darkened, blackened death metal making itself known to the unsuspecting masses. Black Flame belong to the BMIA circle, apparently an Italian Black Metal members' club, a club to which the more widely known Janvs also belong. They have a manifesto, too. Go and read it if you fancy or care. If not, stick to these vile sounds coming from Conquering Purity.

Equipped with the most poignant black metal etiquette, Black Flame deliver a thick and mysterious dark musical matter whose riffs and heavy-duty power are rather death metal distinctive. Occult-like and musically superb, what with the multiple breaks and rhythm changes without falling into being too "technical," Black Flame's already 4th (!!!) full length studio recording will leave you jaw-dropped and stupefied in the face of the sheer and refined vitriol and the many pieces of the puzzle coming at you like venomous bullets. This album is beauty; this album is death; this album is man's downfall....

written by Chaim Drishner

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1. Mors Triumphalis Intermezzo
2. The Curse ov The Flesh
3. Conquering Purity
4. The Sacred Formula ov Return
5. Totalitarian Satanic Monolith
6. Mundus Patet
7. First Litany ov Eternal Nothingness
8. Necropolis Voices from The Beyond

Playing time: 41:36

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