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REVIEW: Cannibal Corpse - Bloodthirst Metal Blade Records, 1999
Cannibal Corpse - Bloodthirst - cover art Think Carcass and add some more rage, gore, aggressiveness and heaviness and you will have a sound close to Cannibal Corpse. Strange enough Cannibal Corpse also has the same producer as Carcass did. With the high-speed, technical and aggressive death metal Cannibal Corpse is performing it doesn´t really surprise me that the band has become one of the leading acts on the scene. Don´t mix up the American style that Cannibal Corpse is playing with the more melodic acts from Sweden and other countries though. This is an album full of energy, speed and aggression with extreme parental advisory lyrics not to make fans of the Carcass vein unhappy. Cannibal Corpse is not likely to disappoint anyone who would like to hear Pantera transcribed into death metal either. There are only about 35 minutes of music here but that might be well enough considering the nature of it. "Bloodthirst" was recorded at Village Productions, Tornillo, Texas, produced by Colin Richardson, engineered by Justin Leeah and mastered at Oasis Mastering by Eddy Schreyer. The artwork was done by Vincent Locke and graphic design by Brian Ames.

written by Vincent Eldefors

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1. Pounded Into Dust
Dead Human Collection
3. Unleashing The Bloodthirsty
4. The
Spine Splitter
5. Ecstasy In Decay
6. Raped By The Beast
/> 7. Coffinfeeder
8. Hacksaw Decapitation
9. Blowtorch
10. Sickening Metamorphosis
11. Condemned To Agony

Playing time: 34.36

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