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REVIEW: Cannibal Corpse - Gore Obsessed Metal Blade Records, 2002
Cannibal Corpse - Gore Obsessed - cover art The death metal dictionary definitely owes Cannibal Corpse the credit for many of its entries. Over the course of 8 studio albums, they've influenced hundreds of bands in all regions of this planet, and in all aspects of these bands. One thing that I've always liked about Cannibal Corpse is the teamwork involved in their writing. Each member seems to write both lyrics and music, yet the finished products always retain that distinctively listenable Cannibal trademark sound. I'd say that Gore Obsessed is their best album since "The Bleeding". You've got your anthems like "Pit of Zombies" and "Hatchet to the Head", plus fresh meat like "Sanded Faceless" and "Grotesque". Alex Webster, definitely one of the top 3 bass players in metal, redefines the instrument on this album, with dynamic scales, great counterpoints and robotic precision. The guitar work is, as always, fantastic, with those 4 finger taps and morbid melodies. Vocalist Corpsegrinder is very enunciated throughout Gore Obsessed, adding accessibility to the songs with marked choruses and rapid-fire verses. He doesn't get too low anywhere, and I like the absence of his soon-to-be-tired low to high bellow, which I feel was used too heavily on the last few albums. The drumming is nothing new, or special, but Paul Mazurkiewicz is an undeniably sold drummer who lays down some deep grooves and provides a solid foundation for memorable numbers like "Hung and Bled". The production of Neil Kernon is of the type that you can play very loud without losing any of the clarity, and that's what this band is all about: the little musical extras on top of meat and potatoes songs.

written by Josh Ngolls

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1. Savage Butchery
Hatchet To The Head
3. Pit Of Zombies
4. Dormant Bodies
5. Compelled To Lacerate
6. Drowning In Viscera
/> 7. Hung And Bled
8. Sanded Faceless
9. Mutation Of The
10. When Death Replaces Life
11. Grotesque

/> Bonus track
12. No Remorse

Playing time: 44.45

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