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REVIEW: Dark Suns - Existence Prophecy Productions, 2005
Dark Suns - Existence - cover art Honestly my knowledge of the scene isn´t certainly vast, especially as far as the young bands are concerned. Most of the new breed simply doesn´t appeal me. Therefore, Dark Suns didn´t mean nothing for me before, unaware of their existence as I was. But I received this promo some days ago and right now I can firmly say they´re a nice act to take into account. Don´t pay too much attention to the not-quite-original bandname; “Existence” is a rich and deep album. After two tiny cuts (two kind of intros) the real thing, a whole “song” as we know, comes to our ears. Strong guitars with a layer of synths that provide a bombastic steady atmosphere that could remind Devin Townsend. After that, a succession of tempo changes, subsequent variations; a sonic humming bird flapping here and there; music frolicking between Porcupine Tree, Opeth, Anathema... that (and many more things...) is this album about. Intensely emotional, “Existence” claims your total attention to snatch every detail.

Of course Opeth comes to mind when listening to this CD, that´s plainly evident, but the use of keyboards, the softer sound of guitars and the mellower vocals make the difference with the Swedes. By the way, it seems that Mikael Åkerfeldt liked Dark Suns a lot. These Germans go some steps further, however. They move rather into hazy territories instead of metallic landscapes, so if you are looking for power and speed you probably won´t be interested. I mean, electric and distorted guitars are still present, but focused in the feeling and not just the power. Songs are woven in a way that make more enjoyable the listening than expected; one must remark the length of the album: above 75 minutes... Despite I´m not very fond of long albums one must remark “Existence” is manifold enough to appeal the (willing) listener. “You, A Phantom Still” or shivering “Patterns Of Oblivion” are winding flags of the style these pert guys wield: melodic music ranging from charming ambient to weeping metallic riffs, including several nuances into hiding which are waiting for the listener. Now accoustic, then stronger. Vocals are just the melancholic kind, no growls whatsoever. A crystalline sound crowns the recording. “Existence” may seem a bit elusive as a whole, demanding a few doses, but once you taste its essence, you will get instantly hooked. To close this review: another excellent item from the guys at Prophecy that Opeth fans could fall in love with, and emotional music listeners in general.

written by Fjordi

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1. Zero
2. A Slumbering Portrait
3. The Euphoric Sense
4. Her And The Element
5. Daydream
6. Anemone
7. You, A Phantom Still
8. Gently Bleeding
9. Abiding Space
10. Patterns Of Oblivion
11. One Endless Childish Day

Playing time: 77.57

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