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REVIEW: Haemorrhage - Grume Morbid Records, 1996
Haemorrhage - Grume - cover art Haemorrhage is a Spanish band devoted of the most crushing and gory grindcore which old bands as Carcass or General Surgery made popular several years ago. It´s been a long time since these guys started taking their instruments to perform this kind of dirty metal, so one can say without a doubt this band is a classic of the Spanish scene. Having released plenty of albums, splits and Eps and with live performances around the world, I must bow my head in reverence to this maniacs. It´s not easy to endure such a long time in a country like Spain where things are especially difficult sometimes for extreme bands. Haemorrhage have all the typical elements and trademarks of the style performed by the aforementioned bands: classic trade offs between the throat growlings and frenzied screams, frequent blastbeats, ultracrunchy distorted guitars and mostly short songs. And, of course, the gore lyrics! I really wonder what´s the point in writing lyrics based on subjects such as pus, detruncations, bloody entrails, rotting flesh and so on, it´s still a mystery to me...

The same as other bands of the genre, they use some excerpts from films (in Spanish), dealing about things like living dead and surgery, etc. but fortunately they don´t overuse them and it´s just occasional. The album begins and ends with an annoying noise, but after the last song there´s a hidden track, quite messy and awful by the way. When they use guitar leads and a bit melodic tunes the whole thing gets more interesting, so the most appealing songs are the ones where the groovy focus is stronger. Seventh track “Decom-Posers” is maybe the best song of the album, probably due to that feeling. Another thing to remark is the production, reminiscent of Carcass´ “Symphonies Of Sickness” and clear enough to recognize every instrument with a correct dose of brutality. Nothing new here: “Grume” will please every grindcore freak with its correctly performed, entertaining songs in the vein of Carcass golden age.

written by Fjordi

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1. Incinerator Of Cadaveric Leftovers
2. Exquisite Eschatology
3. Torrent Like Eventeration
4. Dissect, Exhume, Devour...
5. Putrescent Necromorphism
6. Cartilageous Pulped Offals
7. Decom-Posers
8. Fragments (Anatomical Relics)
9. In Nephritic Blue
10. Ectopic Eye
11. Intravenous Molestation Of Obstructionist Arteries(O-pus 2)
12. Rectovaginal Fistula
13. Formaldehyde
14. Far Beyond The Forensic Pathology

Playing time: 37.39

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