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REVIEW: Lamb of God - As The Palaces Burn Prosthetic Records, 2003
Lamb of God - As The Palaces Burn - cover art At the 2002 New England Metal and Hardcore Festival I was wandering around the main stage when a band I wasn't familiar with came out and totally blew me away. This was of course Lamb of God, before they wrote this album, but as brutal as ever, trust me. Now I'm not a fan of hardcore, in fact I generally dislike it, which on occasion ruins a metalcore/deathcore band for me. Lamb of God is so much more than a metalcore/deathcore act though! They incorporate countless styles of metal and hardcore, making their own unique and extreme blend of music. Brutal death metal inspired lead guitar riffs, ripping solos, some killer vocals and some god damned fast drumming. Randy is also a very charismatic front man what with the wall-of-death and the imaginary machine-gun slaughters. That's the first and foremost element of Lamb of God in my opinion, raw energy. This band will fucking tear you apart from the inside out. The first track on the album is my personal favorite as it is a best display of what the band is all about, musical variety, anger and kick-in-the-face brutality. They don't bother constraining themselves in any way, which is a very good quality. It's a shame that more bands don't accept this policy of letting the music go wherever it wants, regardless of the genre it becomes a part of. This album as a whole is a trip, and a trip that you won't be forgetting anytime soon for that matter. While I'm still very impressed with this album, and while I do highly recommend it, I was still a little bit disappointed. "New American Gospel" was so fucking extreme that it left some really big shoes to fill. The band has indeed improved and matured, which is certainly a positive thing. However in this process they may have lost a tiny bit of their earlier edge. This is the only drawback on this otherwise phenomenal album. Another note-worthy track is "11th hour", incredible! All you need to hear about this album -> Kick Ass!

written by Sam Warren

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1. Ruin
2. As The Places Burn
3. Purified
4. 11th Hour
5. For Your Malice
6. Boot Scraper
7. A Devil In God's Country
8. In Defense Of Your Good Name
9. Blood Junkie
10. Vigil

Playing time: 38.00

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