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REVIEW: Nevermore - Believe In Nothing Century Media, 2000
Nevermore - Believe In Nothing - cover art I was surfing the net a few weeks back and came across a review for this EP. I — a self-proclaimed metal "expert" — had never heard of this EP prior to reading that review! So I jumped on eBay to try and salvage what I could of my damaged ego and found this EP listed, I bid on it and actually won it for only $3.99. Pretty damn sweet. So, here I am — ego intact and only slightly bruised — with a short review. Basically what you have here is an extended single for the song "Believe In Nothing." It features an edited version of the title track, the studio version and a CD-ROM video track. The excellent cover of Simon and Garfunkel's "Sound Of Silence" from Dead Heart In A Dead World is here, as well. That gets the non-essentials out of the way. The best part about this EP is the inclusion of the rare track "All The Cowards Hide." Aside from it being included on the limited edition box set of Dead Heart In A Dead World, this is an unreleased song. I'd never heard it before so this made the EP for me. The song itself is a mid-tempo jam with a melodic verse and a heavy double-bass-driven chorus, a nice hook, as well. Also included is Nevermore's cover of Judas Priest's "Love Bites" which was previously released on one of the two Judas Priest tribute albums put out by Century Media a few years back and the aforementioned Dead Heart In A Dead World box set. So, essentially you have two songs that could possibly be of interest: the unreleased song and the Judas Priest cover, which many fans will undoubtedly have already so that basically leaves one song worth seeking this out for. If you can find it cheap I would definitely suggest picking this EP up, but if you're a casual fan I would suggest finding this song by alternate means if it really interests you. Not a bad piece to own by any means, but the completists will be much happier with this EP than the normal everyday fan.

written by Ken Wood

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1. Believe In Nothing (Edit)
2. Sound Of Silence
3. All The Cowards Hide
4. Love Bites
5. Believe In Nothing

Playing time: 24.33

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