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REVIEW: Nevermore - Enemies Of Reality Century Media, 2003
Nevermore - Enemies Of Reality - cover art I don't believe Nevermore are capable of creating anything mediocre - That thought is once again actualized with the follow up release to the outstanding "Dead Heart In A Dead World" and all previous albums from the mechanized musical entity. The only thing that may have left me wanting more was the way in which the vocals were recorded. That's not to say that Kelly Gray (mixed, produced) or "Enemies Of Reality" is a disappointment in any way. but upon first listen to the trademark maniacal, angst ridden vocals of Mr. Warrel Dane they seemed to have been held back and overshadowed somewhat with this release. In comparison to albums like DHIADW and P.O.E where the vocals jump out and throttle you with each note, Enemies Of Reality vocals are nestled within the mathematical assault of Jeff Loomis' guitar work. After a few listens, there's no longer a yearning for elements of previous albums initially thought to be missing. The way in which the vocals were recorded really works for "Enemies Of Reality". Like usual, Loomis keeps your attention with his sporadic solos while Van Williams drumming gives Nevermore the backbone it requires, and Jim Sheppard doesn't disappoint with the tripped out bass lines that give the songs further life. While giving Warrel Dane a fresh new palate to paint with despair they continue to tap the metal vein drawing the Nevermore we all know and love. With that said, Sheppard, Loomis, Dane, and Williams have yet again come together to give us a well constructed slab of intricate musical art in the form of heavy/thrash metal.

written by Sherrie Zemla

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1. Enemies Of Reality
2. Ambivalent
3. Never Purify
4. Tomorrow Turned Into Yesterday
5. I, Voyager
6. Create The Infinite
7. Who Decides
8. Noumenon
9. Seed Awakening

Playing time: 44.55

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