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REVIEW: Nevermore - The Politics Of Ecstasy Century Media, 2006
Nevermore - The Politics Of Ecstasy - cover art Celebrating the 15th anniversary of the now mighty but once fledgeling Century Media Records, one of their more important bands is offering reissues. Yes, that includes Eyehategod, though the focus here is on Nevermore. Seattle's finest "have opened their vault unveiling previously unreleased material to be included as bonus content for the... reissues of their three early releases." Of the trio, The Politics of Ecstasy could be argued to be their most complete and mature offering, hence the inclusion of a solitary bonus track, that being the Judas Priest cover tune, as well as a video for "Next in Line." Overall if you liked the original version of this album, you will likely enjoy this one just as much if not more. Instead of re-recording parts a la the Megadeth reissues, this album is simply amped up, a definite enhancement. Another improvement over the original is the inclusion of the band's very Metal logo on the album cover as well as a slight revamping of the artwork. Also featured are new liner notes from Martin Popoff, including choice quotes from vocalist Warrel Dane. Hard to believe this record is a decade old as the music on it still sounds fresh. I challenge you to spin this next to the masterful This Godless Endeavor and not be convinced. This is the real start of the band achieving levels of success they perhaps had only imagined. Check it out now with better sound and packaging if you never did before.

written by Tony Belcher

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1. The Seven Tongues Of God
2. This Sacrament
3. Next In Line
4. Passenger
5. The Politics Of Ecstasy
6. Lost
7. The Tiananmen Man
8. Precognition
9. 42147
10. The Learning
11. Love Bites (Judas Priest cover)
12. Next in Line (video)

Playing time: 67:54

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