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REVIEW: Pod People - Doom Saloon Rise Above Records, 2004
Pod People - Doom Saloon - cover art Australia's doomsters Pod People released this album of their's back in 2002 through High Beam Music but it has now been picked up for a worldwide release by doom specialists Rise Above Records. "Filling The Void" quickly sets the standard for the rest of the album with its rather fast-paced but still sludgy stoner doom sound. It becomes apparent right from the start that Pod People have a lot to thank both Black Sabbath and Cathedral for. The doomier side of Sabbath is apparent in every single song and so is that dark and heavy Cathedral monster riffing which has become a standard for many bands in this genre. The music itself is well executed but to be honest Pod People have little of their own to offer the more demanding listener except for one thing which is a love / hate object namely the vocals. The microphone duty is shared by both clean and growling vocals, all from the throat of Brad Nicholson. The clean vocals are a little bit weak in my opinion but the growling vocals are better. Brad's growls are very deep and dark but in some strange way they seem to fit well into the music. A grey sea of sludgy, grinding guitars is what will wash over you when listening to this album and if you don't mind slow doom / death metal mixed with stoner rock and Black Sabbath melodies you might want to consider checking out Pod People.

written by Vincent Eldefors

1. Filling The Void
2. The Missed
3. Roadblock
4. Hoovin’
5. Subterranean
6. Look Beneath
7. Ascend To Glamstonia
8. Testing The Waters
9. King Tide
10. Non Prophet

Playing time: 50.04

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