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REVIEW: Static Fuse - Static Fuse Purple Box Records, 2008
Static Fuse - Static Fuse - cover art I am usually pretty apprehensive about doing reviews for friends. I usually don't offer up the service, or politely decline if I am approached about it. This time I offered up... and I am glad I did. Static Fuse is a duo made up of Sonia Sauruk (vocals) and Ian Keith Hafner (guitars and bass). All other instruments are apparently played by elves or gremlins as there is no mention of their players.

I knew they were a "Christian" band going in and given the musical tastes of Sonia (whom I attended some college with an eternity ago) I expected some sort of gothic-tinged new wave prog metal or something. Not at all what was delivered. Instead we get a nice blast from the past... They give us meaty 80's style metal riffs, nice and refreshingly not complicated structures and great vocals.

Sonia's voice is a fantastic instrument on its own. Not the keening high pitched European chick vox that litter the landscape of "metal" these days... this lady has power behind her... Savvy bluesy belting pipes akin to Alison Moyet (from 80's new wave band Yaz, check 'em out!!!) or Wendy Kaiser of Rez (another great, great band all who love hard rock should hear!!).

Hafner's guitar playing is quite good, and there are actual solos, ladies and gentlemen... SOLOS! It's old style metal... a nice lean riff... some thuggish bass and drums and killer vox. Simple formula, far too often ruined, but not here.

All this is wrapped around very open lyrics addressing many issues of faith and surviving in the place we live. And there is a catchiness not overly common in music these days, especially not in the anemic world of "Christian rock/metal" these days. That has been a scene guilty of commercial cannibalism for decades, so it's refreshing to see bands, once again, willing to just play good music and let the message do its thing.

Whether you are a fan of "music with a message" or not, give this CD a chance and I think you'll be surprised. It is a solid return to a bygone style and it is a very satisfying listen.

written by John Boden

1. Stop Throwing Stones
2. Faith Hope And Love
3. Not Forsaken, Not Forgotten
4. Faded Glass
5. A Better Life
6. Dreaming
7. Blues At Dusk

Playing time: 31:44

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