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REVIEW: Tactile Gemma - Tactile Gemma Season Of Mist, 2001
Tactile Gemma - Tactile Gemma - cover art Boy, was I very happy to find out who is the main singer of this band. Monika Edvardsen is for me one of the best female vocalists I ever heard but unfortunately also one of the most underrated. I saw some reviews in the past that were really bad and even mean. You might not like her Avant-gardiste and experimental style and it's too bad but one must realize this: she is an extremely talented and gifted singer and she's created a way of using her voice like no one ever did and this for me is art in its purest form. I'm a strong defender of Monika's work and anything in the music that goes beyond the boundaries of what was overdone to satisfy some marketing purposes. I've been listening to music for a long time and heard a lot of good imaginative and talented bands and for me when I'm discovering something new and different, it gives me an incredible hearing pleasure. It was the case when I found out about sub-genres in metal like Prog, Gothic, Doom, Avant-garde and that Metal really evolved from being just a screaming, noisy and that they could say someting else than; "let's just go out and fucking kill every body!" type of thing. Anyway, I really freaked out when I first heard Atrox mainly due to Monika's singing and the story repeats itself with Tactile Gemma. Her sister Ann-Mari (The 3rd And The Immortal) is the other singer involved and Rune Sørgard the composer and multi-instrumentalist on this album. The ten tracks and three bonus promo numbers offered are kind of dark ambient compositions, even if a couple of them are a bit heavier, namely : "Chimeras" and "Whiz". The music is very keyboard driven but other instruments add their own touches too. The variety in Monika's singing range from opera soprano, spoken words, sound effects, oriental tonalities and personnally twisted and uncharted creations and the list goes on and on. Come on people, admit it, she's gifted, talented and outstanding. Don't just take my word if you want, but get a copy of this cd or "Contentum" from Atrox and let your ears and mind wide open. Amongst my favorite tracks, "Blackberry Jam" , "Heal" (amazing performance), "Serpentarium".

written by Denis Brunelle

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1. Chimeras
2. Creepy
3. Blackberry Jam
4. Heal
5. Mellow Pillow

6. Through Your Eyes
7. Whiz
8. Serpentarium
/> 9. Miss Loona’s Speech
10. Quite Quiet
11. Deep
/> 12. Come Eclipse
13. Blackberry Jam

Playing time: 69.06

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