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REVIEW: Tanist - The Powerblack Creature Self-financed, 2001
Tanist - The Powerblack Creature - cover art The intro to this album is nice and atmospheric, leading up nicely to the Dani-Filth like scream that opens the second track. Throughout the rest of the album, the vocals are not bad, but they are nothing particularly incredible either. Sometimes they grow a little too repetetive as does the somewhat boring drum beats. As far as technicality goes, this is one of those situations, where one member of the band completely overshadows the others. The lead guitarist (Marco Rigon) is very talented. I tried searching for anything else he's been a part of, and apparently this is his first notable forray. "Godlost" is a perfect example of this mismatched technicality I'm talking about. While the bassist also seems to be on top of his game (really only on this track), the keyboards are a little slow, the drums are unoriginal and on occasion lose the beat during fills, and the vocals and rhythm guitar riff are downright too repetitive. "My Light" could also be a really nice number if they stopped trying to over-achieve. The bassist attempts an incredibly fast and difficult section near the middle of the track, a section that not many people aside from Les Claypool or John Myung should even consider. Seeing that he is neither of those people, he can't keep up with the beat during that particular section. A similar problem can be noticed on "Mnemonic Shadows," though it is not as obvious. The band's overall take on thrashy death metal is not exactly original, and not particularly well executed either. The lead guitar solos are obviously the strong point of these guys, and while the music is not poorly written, it could use a little more melody and/or technical proficiency. "Tanistry" is definitely the best song on this album and one that I really enjoyed. If they could have captured the atmosphere and effective combination of keyboards and guitars on the other tracks, it would certainly raise the bar considerably. But as it stands, this album is nothing spectacular.

written by Sam Warren

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1. Entering The Way
2. Straight Way
3. Godlost
4. My Light
5. Mnemonic Shadows
6. Tanistry

Playing time: 23.00

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