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REVIEW: Theatre Of Tragedy - Aégis Massacre Records, 1998
Theatre Of Tragedy - Aégis - cover art Luckily I found with this recording that Theatre of Tragedy had recovered from their musical famine on "Velvet Darkness They Fear". This release shows the true nature of the Norwegian band and what they can accomplish under the right conditions. Aégis is very different from the band's first two albums - it's much more clean, softer and more electronical. The beautiful piano play by Lorentz Aspen from their first album has now been completely replaced with keyboards, something I find a bit sad - the piano gave life to the songs in a way that keyboards can't. The death metal growling from Raymond has also been replaced with a soft, spoken, sometimes whispering voice. Although this album is softer than their previous two I find this one to be their best so far and that also seems to be what most people think. The music is very melodic and the male and female vocals by Raymond and Liv interact perfectly with each other. This is a very well-arranged metal album dedicated to suffering women (as you may notice by the song names), perhaps the best release of 1998. The lyrics are as usual written by Raymond in old Shakespearian English that might be a bit difficult to understand sometimes. If you haven't already got this record I recommend you to buy it right away!

written by Vincent Eldefors

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1. Cassandra
2. Lorelei
/> 3. Angélique
4. Aæde
5. Siren
6. Venus
8. Bacchante

Playing time: 49.59

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