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REVIEW: Thyrfing - Urkraft Hammerheart Records, 2000
Thyrfing - Urkraft - cover art There are quite many bands in the black metal field who have taken an interest in the Nordic mythology but there are very few who have been serious about it and who have also managed to conceive something interesting. Thyrfing is definitely one of those who have managed to create something that they will be remembered for in all eternity. Mixing the raw power of black metal with classic heavy metal riffs and beautiful keyboards and folky melodies they have put some of the best songs ever written down on this cd entitled "Urkraft" ("primordial force" in English). There are few bands who have the ability to bring a whole new sound to this world but Thyrfing have done it and this is definitely one of the best metal albums ever made. Except for the band's own compositions it also contains an absolutely wonderful cover version of Gary Moore's "Over The Hills And Far Away" (yes, the very same that Nightwish have covered later on). Ever since they started out back in 1995 Thyrfing has been one of the most interesting Swedish metal bands and they have now almost reached the level of pure perfection. If you are a fan of real metal you should get this album right away because metal doesn't get much better than this! Stand-out tracks: "The Slumber Of Yesteryears", "Sweoland Conqueror", "Mjölner", "Over The Hills And Far Away".

written by Vincent Eldefors

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1. Mjölner
3. Sweoland Conqueror
4. Home Again
The Breaking Of Serenity
6. Eldfärd
7. Ways Of A
8. Jord
9. The Slumber Of Yesteryears
10. Till
Valfader urgammal
11. Urkraft

Bonus track:
Over The Hills And Far Away

Playing time: 60.06

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