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REVIEW: Thyrfing - Vansinnesvisor Hammerheart Records, 2002
Thyrfing - Vansinnesvisor - cover art The first time I listened to the new album from Thyrfing I was disappointed. Not that the album was bad but I had my hopes set very high after their previous masterpiece "Urkraft". When the first wave of disappointment had settled I gave the cd another chance and now it suddenly became clear to me that the album was in fact very good. The viking metal groove is still there together with the wonderful folky melodies and the powerful raspy growling vocals from the one and only Thomas Väänänen. Everything that makes Thyrfing so special is here but there is one thing which is very different if you compare "Vansinnesvisor" with "Urkraft". The keyboards are now put further into the background and instead they have let the guitars, bass and drums move up in the front. I personally don't have anything against this but even though there are several wonderful songs on this album it doesn't quite reach the musical perfection shown on "Urkraft" in particular. Fans of the band should not hesitate when it comes to buying their new release though because the Thyrfing spirit definitely still lives. They have even dared to experiment a little with a choir on "Digerdöden" which is in fact rather successful. Personally I would prefer if the old Thyrfing could return when it's time to write material for the next album. Stand-out tracks: "Draugs Harg", "Digerdöden", "The Voyager".

written by Vincent Eldefors

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1. Draugs Harg
3. Världsspegeln
4. The Voyager
/> 5. Ångestens Högborg
6. The Giant's Laughter
/> 7. Vansinnesvisan
8. Kaos Återkomst


Playing time: 42.58

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