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REVIEW: Tiamat - Clouds Century Media, 1993
Tiamat - Clouds - cover art "Clouds" was released back in the days when Tiamat was still a real band and had not yet turned into a solo project of the band leader Johan Edlund. This was also the first album to feature new bass player Johnny Hagel. Tiamat now started to leave their black / death metal days with Treblinka behind them and moved into new domains that would eventually lead up to the unique sound of today's Tiamat. Recorded at the well-known Woodhouse Studios in Germany, this album is professionally produced but that does not really come as a surprise considering the fact that Century Media was and still is one of the most important metal labels in the world. The eight tracks of the album are all very similar in style but that does not mean that "Clouds" is a boring album, far from it. Most of the music is slow to mid-paced doom metal with some death resemblances, most often heavy but never lacking atmosphere or emotions. Several songs have also been enhanced with keyboards which are never out of place or over-used. I doubt that the band could have anticipated the impact this album would have on the European metal community when they went into the studio in the summer of 1992. The band actually wanted to change the title of this album to "In A Dream" but since their record label didn't let them they were stuck with the original name. Definitely one of the highlights in the long career of the band. Sounds a little like a doomier and less symphonic version of the Therion masterpiece "Lepaca Kliffoth". Open the gates of your mind and enter a world of dreams. Stand-out tracks: "In A Dream", "The Sleeping Beauty".

written by Vincent Eldefors

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1. In A Dream
2. Clouds
/> 3. Smell Of Incense
4. A Caress Of Stars
5. The Sleeping
6. Forever Burning Flame
7. The Scapegoat

Playing time: 39.29

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