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REVIEW: Trail Of Tears - Disclosure In Red DSFA Records, 1998
Trail Of Tears - Disclosure In Red - cover art Trail of Tears is yet another Norwegian band following in the footsteps of bands like Theatre of Tragedy, Tristania and others. The strange thing about these new Norwegian bands is that they can't seem to stop producing great metal. Trail of Tears is of course similar to these bands but they still have their own personal style (otherwise they wouldn't have got to this point, would they?). Their music is perhaps a little softer than their fellow countrymen's but it's very melodic and they stick to the classic vocal line-up - one growling male voice from Ronny Thorsen and one female done by Helena Iren Michaelsen. These two are also responsible for all the lyrics on this album. The lyrics deal with human acts and emotions like sorrow, betrayal, disappointment and so on but in their nature they are far from the complexity of Tristania lyrics or the poetic lyrics of Theatre of Tragedy. The female vocals by Michaela are stronger and more powerful than the ones of bands like The Sins Of Thy Beloved and Theatre of Tragedy but they are not as well-arranged. They haven't got the same atmosphere and power to their songs either - they try to create one by using keyboards but it doesn't work out that well. You have probably understood that I don't find Trail of Tears as good as some of their fellow countrymen but this album is still a nice release and if you like this style of metal you would probably like this one.

written by Vincent Eldefors

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1. When Silence
2. The Daughters Of Innocense
3. The Day We Drowned
/> 4. Mournful Pigeon
5. Swallowed Tears
6. Illusion?
Enigman Of The Absolute
8. Words Of The Fly
9. Temptress
Bonus Track
10. The Burden

Playing time: 47.26

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