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REVIEW: Trail Of Tears - Free Fall Into Fear Napalm Records, 2005
Trail Of Tears - Free Fall Into Fear - cover art After having worked with two different female vocalists in the past it is time for a new era in the history of Trail Of Tears. The band was one of the leading and pioneering bands of the Norwegian gothic metal scene in the mid 90s together with Theatre Of Tragedy and The Sins Of Thy Beloved. Moving forward without a female vocalist means several different things. First of all they have headed in a slightly different musical direction with their new album "Free Fall Into Fear", this time with Kjetil Nordhus (Green Carnation) on clean vocals as a full-time member of the band. Compared to the past, Trail Of Tears now relies less on keyboards and the traditional beauty and the beast trademark of the gothic metal scene but also of their label Napalm Records.

The Norwegians have freed themselves from the boundaries of their genre and have become heavier and more straight-forward, something that apparently suits them very well. There are plenty of headbanging moments on this album and Ronny Thorsen proves once again that he is one of the world's best growlers while Kjetil Nordhus provides a softer touch to the songs. At times the music reminds of Dimmu Borgir but it is very difficult to label the band today. There are influences from most metal genres and I am glad to see a band being able to progress successfully the way Trail Of Tears have. Some old fans will surely not appreciate their development but that is their loss and if you are openminded or if you haven't been a fan of their music in the past I am sure you will come to like "Free Fall Into Fear" as much as I do.

written by Vincent Eldefors

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1. The Architect Of My Downfall
2. Joyless Trance Of Winter
3. Drink Away The Demons
4. Point Zero
5. Dry Well Of Life
6. The Face Of Jealousy
7. Carrier Of The Scars Of Life
8. Watch You Fall
9. Frail Expectation
10. Cold Hand Of Retribution

Playing time: 45.02

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