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REVIEW: Trail Of Tears - Profoundemonium Napalm Records, 2000
Trail Of Tears - Profoundemonium - cover art This is the second release from one of the new gothic/doom metal bands from Norway. As all these bands they are often accused of being a Theatre of Tragedy wannabe but I can tell you right now that Trail of Tears has a sound of their own. Sure they have male growling and clean female vocals like Theatre but their music is much more similar to Tristania, another great band from Norway. However, Trail of Tears lack a little of the heavy guitar riffing that Tristania has but they make this up by composing some pretty nice keyboard arrangements, using the keyboard as yet another guitar like on the latest Opera IX release. The music is emotional but lack a little in melody if you compare them to Tristania. The growling is not bad at all but doesn´t have the right musical background all the way through. The female vocals however are very beautiful indeed with the opera voice from Helena I. Michaelsen. She manages to create an atmosphere even without music which the male growler Ronny Thorsen doesn´t fully succeed in. Something I really like with Trail of Tears is the beautiful piano melodies that Theatre of Tragedy used on their first release. This may not be a perfect album but it is really great, only a little more melodic riffing missing for me to give it full points. The album was recorded at Jailhouse Studio in Norway January 18th-March 5th, 2000, produced by Hans Eidskard and the band.

written by Vincent Eldefors

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/> 1. Countdown to Ruin
2. Driven through the Ruins
3. Fragile
Emotional Disorder
4. Profoundemonium
5. Sign of the
6. In Frustration´s Preludium
7. In Frustration´s
8. Released at Last
9. Image of Hope
Disappointment´s True Face
11. The Haunted

Playing time: 53.35

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