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REVIEW: Tristania - Beyond The Veil Napalm Records, 1999
Tristania - Beyond The Veil - cover art This album by the Norwegian band Tristania is definitely one of the best releases of 1999. The band has come a long way from their first album "Widow's Weed" - this one is a little heavier, more powerful, the sound quality is a lot better and the vocal lines are a lot more well-arranged. This release is also more melodic than their first one, consisting of guitars and keyboards. The vocals are as usual great with one growling male voice by Morten Veland and a contrasting opera-like female by Vibeke Stene. They also use a ten people strong choir on this album that does a great job on a couple of the songs. You can also hear nice but short and not many violin passages by Pete Johansen (The Sins Of Thy Beloved) and great clean male vocals by Østen Bergøy and Jan Kenneth Barkved. The lyrics are poetic and complex and tell dreamy, angelical and sad stories of life. Angelical and dreamy is also a good way to describe their music in general. Most of the music and lyrics is written by Morten Veland and Einar Moen who has done a great job with this album. An album as good as this one doesn't appear very often. It was produced by the band together with Terje Refsnes in Sound Suite during February and March 1999. The cover design was made by Tor Søreide Design and photos taken by Petter Hegre. If you like bands like Theatre of Tragedy and The Sins Of Thy Beloved you will hopefully also love this album, although it's a little heavier and might take some time to get used to.

written by Vincent Eldefors

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1. Beyond The Veil
3. A Sequel Of Decay
4. Opus Relinique
Lethean River
6. ...Of Ruins And A Red Nightfall
8. Angina
9. Heretique
10. Dementia


Playing time: 52.25

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