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REVIEW: Tuatha de Danann - Tingaralatingadun Heavy Metal Rock, 2001
Tuatha de Danann - Tingaralatingadun - cover art There are 4 types of music that make my hair stand up: metal, classical / soundtrack, military and European folk music. While bands like Dropkick Murphys do wonderful jobs injecting traditional Irish folk with modern tinges using punk and oi music, I have yet to hear a band that thoroughly combines Celtic folk with metal. Until now. This 5-piece, out of Brazil of all places, has got the market cornered. Sure, there are a few bands that will occasionally feature bagpipes or folk drumming, or will have a few metal songs and a few folk songs side by side, but Tuatha De Danann go all out, using power metal together with well-played and authentic folk music. "The Battle Song" has the boisterous Irish gang vocals mixed with Manowar-like metal, and though I'm not into the high-pitched vocals of this type of metal, it does fit with what is going on here. While Giovani Gomes and Rodrigo Abreu provide a pretty old-school metal rhythm section, the other 3 members use instruments like the flute, tin whistle, mandolin and violin as well as their metal instruments. "Behold The Horned King" has some soaring guitar riffs and solos, while "Finganfor" is an almost comical Irish sing-along. "MacDara" is an acoustic instrumental and could almost fit on some of the earlier Led Zeppelin albums. Lyrically, things seem well researched and accurate, delving into the Celt / Roman wars and ancient European mythology. The packaging and art is somewhat similar to Absu's "Tara", though Tuatha De Danann is a lot more light-hearted and could be enjoyed by children as well as adults. I'll be playing the hell out of this one in the future, and still can't believe that it was a Brazilian band that allowed me to enjoy both metal and Celtic folk music at the same time! FAVORITE TRACKS: "The Battle Song", "Celtia", "The Dance Of The Little Ones".

written by Josh Ngolls

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/> 1. The Dance Of The Little Ones
2. Battle Song
3. Behold The
Horned King
4. Tan Pinga Ra Tan
5. Finganforn
7. Celtia
8. Some Tunes To Fly
Tingaralatinga Dum - The Dwarves' Rebellion
10. MacDara


Playing time: 41.23

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